Tips For Aspiring Fashion Influencers To Consider

It’s rare to find a woman who has absolutely no interest in fashion, but there’s a point where an interest in fashion becomes far more than just an interest, it becomes the way in which you make sense of the world. When that happens, you are on the road to becoming a fashionista, someone for whom what they wear and how they look is a form of self-expression, their chosen art form. 

If you’re going to be a true fashionista, you need the same drive and self-belief that any creative artist needs. Your art will not depend on the approval of others, the only critic who counts is you. And this is no weekend pastime, fashionistas eat, drink and sleep fashion, it’s always on their mind. Being a true fashionista is not easy, you need the desire. If all of this sounds like you then here are some suggestions to help you on your way.

Know what’s on trend

Once the prerogative of a chosen few, keeping up with haute couture is now possible for all of us. You may not be able to attend the fashion shows, but you can drool over the outfits online. Similarly, social media will keep you informed about high street fashion and celebrity styles. It’s about assimilation rather than slavish imitation. Your interest in fashion should be informed by an understanding of what’s gone before. The fashions of previous decades should be of as much interest to you as what’s on trend.  Everything should feed your aesthetic development and that includes the music you listen to, the books you read and the movies you watch.

Fashion is political

Whatever your political leanings you need to be aware that what you wear always has a political dimension. Stella McCartney has talked about a world drowning in fast fashion. As a true fashionista you should be aware of the environmental cost of your fashion choices and this understanding should shape your aesthetic sensibility.

If you always seek the approval of others you will always be a follower

A true fashionista quests after their unique form of self-expression and has the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Your body is the canvas on which you will paint your pictures. Know yourself and know what works for you. Are you confident about how you wish to present yourself to the world?

Accessories are important

Just because you really like something it doesn’t mean that you can keep piling on the accessories. Like any artist, you need to know when something is finished and that can be difficult. Sunglasses are the greatest of all accessories and you can have hours of fun selecting the right pair.  Nowadays, it’s not just that there are hundreds of different pairs to choose from, but you can also customize them with a hand painted engraving on the temples. Hats are one of the most underrated accessories, so if you ever need to add ‘a bit more’ to your look, try giving a straw hat or bucket hat a go.

Wear your hair

You are an artwork; your hair is part of the composition. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your hair into fashion. The same applies for make-up too. Love to wear your hair.

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