Tips For Finding The Job You Really Want

Finding a new job is almost always challenging, and it’s a frequently frustrating experience as well. Fierce competition in most job markets, a lack of relevant experience, or even a lack of timely opportunities can all be significant obstacles. Naturally, you also have to be able to take the time to fill out likely dozens of applications before you start hearing back from potential employers, which can be difficult if most of your time already goes to an existing job.

Since many job markets are oversaturated, you’ll need ways to stand out to get the jobs you’re really after. Fortunately, there are some great general skills you can learn that employers look for even if you don’t have much “real world” experience.


The vast majority of jobs will involve at least some level of writing, whether it’s to clients or customers, or it’s interdepartmental communication. Typos are never a good look, and communicating with the wrong tone can easily hurt your job prospects or even see you removed from a current position. Luckily, writing skills are something you can brush up on even in high school and further perfect in college or with online courses if you choose. A well-tailored cover letter for each job you’re applying to that covers your unique qualifications will go a long way toward landing a job you actually want.


The medical field is full of opportunity, and if you’re applying for something like career focused medical training in Egg Harbor, NJ it’s always good to list any types of medical training or academic achievements you have. A CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification is certainly great to list for med school, and it’s also a good idea to list it in the certification segment of your resume. This shows potential employers that you can step in to help during emergency situations like a coworker going into cardiac arrest. Some workplaces even require CPR trained staff present to assist with such emergencies until emergency services can arrive. Free courses are offered for CPR, and learners can earn certification in as little as one day.

For those seeking further medical training, a PALS (pediatric advanced life support) course is a good choice. A PALS course is meant for a healthcare provider interested in responding to emergencies involving injured children and infants. Virtually all medical professionals can benefit from a certification course, and the cards given upon completion are good for two years before you’ll need PALS recertification.


With everyone’s constant reliance on software and applications these days, it’s hard to overstate all the benefits of learning to code. Web development and app design are just a couple of possibilities, not to mention jobs in data science or machine learning. Possibly the best thing beginners to coding can do is to become familiar with the Python programming language.

Python is a high-level programming language beloved for its versatility and easy readability thanks to its simplified syntax and use of white space. You can learn to code Python by enrolling in a Python course, or if you already have some programming ability, you may be able to learn from free resources like Python tutorial videos online. Incredibly popular websites and applications including YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and DropBox are written using Python, so there’s no doubt learning even the basics will be beneficial for a new or experienced programmer.

Project Management

This simply means the ability to manage your time and prioritize your task flow when there are multiple things to get done at once. Basically any job will require some form of project management, and applications for all sorts of jobs list project management as a required skill. While you may not have worked as a manager or supervisor in the past, you can still explain times where you’ve excelled with team dynamics and handled challenging tasks efficiently. Even a demanding school assignment could count for this if you’ve yet to build much work experience.

Getting the job you want can depend on how you communicate your skills almost as much as having them in the first place.

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