Tips To Help You De-stress During The Busy Season

Stress is the undesired outcome of how we lead our modern lives. Life can get even more busy and stressful during the holidays and the busy season. With the added complication of COVID-19 restrictions we are all faced with in 2020, it has become even more of an imperative to look after our individual health and take note of how we can mitigate stress while maximizing our mental health.

What Is The Busy Season?

The term “busy season” often refers to the end of the year culminating around the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas etc). As a result of the more significant physical exhaustion, people experience all kinds of health issues and stress, such as the following:

  • They gain weight
  • Consumption of alcohol increases
  • Working till late in the night

In short, this time presents a potpourri of excellence, inefficiency, and sometimes even adverse health outcomes due to added stress.

While many of us can dread the season for work reasons, it’s important to also pay attention to our bodies and health so that we can be more productive and thrive. Here are some essential tips to help keep busy season stress at bay:

Take Deep Breaths Regularly

It is indeed natural to feel overwhelmed by all the work and chaos surrounding us during the busy season. When you find yourself confused or incredibly overwhelmed, the experts at advice you take a couple of deep breaths. These few minutes of calm relaxing can do wonders for clearing up all that has been pent up in your head. Enjoy a coffee, a smoothie, or even a Kona Kratom infused tea, and practice deep breathing helps restore balance in your mind. Doing it is easy, inhale the breath for five seconds, hold, and then exhale slowly for several seconds. Such breathing exercise will help you remain calm even during the busy season.

Don’t Let Anything Interrupt You

We are all familiar with exactly how distracting IMs, emails, and Texts can potentially be. Besides the distraction, it affects your productivity too. While you are working on something during the busy season, it is beneficial if you do the needful to minimize those distractions. You can do this by putting your inbox on sleeping mode, mute notifications, and use the Do Not Disturb phone functions. You want to try to work for 10 minutes at a stretch with no interruptions of any sort. The technique is surprisingly effective.

Set Priorities For Your To-Do List

As you work through the busy season, you doubtlessly will have to contend with several deadlines competing for your attention and changing priorities. Such a dynamic nature of the workplace makes it necessary for you to determine the right priorities or the projects that align with your company and professional goals. Complete the tasks that potentially have the most impact first.

Concentrate On The Most Important Thing At Hand

A filled-up to-do list is often a significant and never-ending source of stress. You need to sort out the most critical thing that must be completed today. Once you are done finishing, you can work on the next.

Relax Exercises

Another crucial thing you want to do regularly during the busy season is to carry out activities that help to elicit what experts call a relaxation response from your body. By this term, we refer to a state of deep rest. Your heart rate and breathing become slower, and your blood pressure becomes stable. It also increases the brain’s blood flow. Several ancient techniques help you achieve this, like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and even massages. So, watch out for health and wellness centers around you that offer such non-tradition stress management treatments.

One of the biggest work-life contradictories that significantly affect your health and wellness is that as work piles up, you sideline wellness activities that help your beat stress. You forget that it is precisely when you feel you have no time to spare for unwinding and relax; it is exactly the time you need them the most. It would serve you well to set aside some time for such relaxing activities to get back your calm and balance. When you do that, you can get back to your busy reason work with more rigor and enthusiasm than ever before. It can help you boost your productivity too.

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