To Become ‘Miss England’ You Have To Bend It Like Beckham

These days you don’t have to fit into any traditional sort of mold to become a beauty pageant winner. Take British girl Codie Applebee, for example.

The 17 year old high school student has just reached the finals of ‘Miss England’ but it wasn’t all mani’s and pedi’s that got her to her top spot.

She is certainly breaking down the barriers in both respects, being a tomboy and competing the the cutthroat world of beauty pageants. Her dream is to win the national title one day, and win a soccer scholarship in America. She truly is the living breathing Bend it Like Beckham story!

But it’s not always east for the Leicester girl, who plays center midfield for West Bromwich Albion ladies’ squad. She still gets negative or offhand comments from her friends as well as other soccer players about both her passions who don’t understand why she likes doing both pasttimes.

“Sometimes men expect me to be a bit of a bimbo, and can’t believe I want to watch the football with them, but I usually end up explaining the offside rule to them. I have loved football ever since I used to have kickabouts with my dad when I was about five or six. He got me really into the game, and now I love it as much as he does.”

Codie Applebee

She is still a girly-girl underneath too, which her friends find bizarre, especially in combination with the rough and tumble aspect of being an athlete.

“All my friends see me as a typical girlie girl – I love my hair extensions, fake tans, and trips to the salon as much as any of my friends. But they don’t understand why I’m so keen to go and get covered in mud down on the football pitch at the weekend.”

While the rising star wants to play soccer for England one day, it is her drive and passion that stands out. She wants to use her opportunities to break down stereotypical barriers and encourage other girls to go after their passions, no matter how juxtaposed they are!

Codie Applebee

“I really want to help raise the profile of women’s football and encourage other girls to go out and give it a try.”

We think the pageant world could use more people like Codie who are encouraging young women in different ways. While beauty competitions aren’t bad in and of themselves, it is important the women who are chosen represent a great variety of women in the world.

The finals of the competition will be held on June 13-16 in England, and the Codie placed #13 in the Semi finals, which she tweeted she was thrilled about. While she doesn’t go on to win the title in 2013, the future still looks bright for this mid-fielder.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 6.50.46 PM

Do you think it is important that young women and girls who compete in beauty pageants come from all different backgrounds and have a variety of passions? Or should they all be the stereotypical beauty queen who wants to campaign just for world peace?


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