Top 4 Activewear Trends For Women This Season

Whether you wear activewear pieces like biker shorts, leggings, or fun matching sets for workouts, chill time, or running errands, all are now perhaps very important in a modern wardrobe. In recent days, every spandex piece of clothing has become important for sweat sessions. They’ve become even more popular than ever because of the pandemic and people need them for mid-afternoon jogging, weekend lounging, and even working from home

With a new year in sight, fitness goals and activewear trends are on everyone’s mind. In simple words, it’s the perfect time to stock up sporty attire like tights, sports bras, and warm-up layers. If you are on a budget but still looking to expand your wardrobe on the cheap, you could make use of the StockX discount promos.

The pandemic spurred the attention of fitness fanatics and novices towards staying healthy. In the year 2020, there was a trend towards embracing the individual wellness journey through at-home exercising. This also gave rise to activewear well beyond the workout sessions. The trend of activewear for everyday life is on the rise. Many people are looking for sportswear that is comfortable, practical, and stylish. Keep reading to discover a few fitness fashion forecasts for the year 2021.

Fashion-forward silhouettes

Many fashion designers and experts believe that multi-strapping, asymmetry, and cut-out details could be big this year. This idea is inspired by the runways with added drama. For better understanding, it is important to note the continued trend of longline bras. This could also complement your favorite activewear. For instance, you could try these fashion-forward designs with your favorite pair of tights or leggings for socially distanced hangouts and online classes. They might look even better with a third-piece layer.

Biker shorts

A lot of people don’t realize that biker shorts can be so much more than just a piece of clothing for cycling. Biker shorts are sporty, fashionable, and comfortable. Another trend that we should be ready for this year. If you’re still a little hesitant to try these on, look for a classic black pair and try it with an oversized jacket. For die-hards and biker shorts fans, look for a printed, pastel, or metallic pair to add to your collection.

Matching sets

Great news for those who live for matching sets: they’re going to be around. Everyone loves head-to-toe looks in both sweats and activewear. We have a strong feeling that this trend will continue. Putting together outfits from errands and activewear from workout classes will be a failsafe technique. You may discover unexpected hues, ribbed fabrics, color-blocking to freshen up your wardrobe.

Beyond the gym

All-the-time activewear is probably going to be the most significant overarching trend. Comfort is very important. As we enter 2021, this trend will reflect our emphasis on self-care. According to many designers, we will see re-envisioned loungewear, like head-to-toe knitwear sets. The trend of pairing sweats with ready-to-wear pieces will continue with the possibility of sweater pieces becoming the new sweats. Activewear like cycling shorts and leggings can be paired with relaxed tees and oversized hoodies.

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