Trio Of Female Turkish Soldiers Is Fighting ISIS To Protect Women & Children In Kurdistan


War is never something to be celebrated, neither is any form of violence. Right now there is a battle being waged by Islamic extremist group ISIS in many parts of the Middle East. Heads of state around the world have been strategizing to find the best way to bring down yet another terrorist organization.

One thing we do not want to see, is a repeat of what happened after the attacks on September, 11, 2001, when the US and its military allies went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq over the following years. It wreaked havoc on the global economy, and many people are still recovering from what many believe was an unnecessary war.

Coupled with the civil war in Syria which has forced nearly 11 million Syrians to become displaced and flee their homes, there is much turmoil happening in the Arab region, which is effectively destroying the lives of men, women and children.

While it is important we see action being taken against terrorist organizations, we know we are not alone when we say we don’t want to see another war where we see entire towns and cities being bombed out of existence. Although many people cheered after the news of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden’s respective captures and subsequent killings, it would be foolish to forget about the millions of unnamed people who have just become silent casualties of war.

As of March 2015, ISIS has control over territory occupied by ten million people in Iraq and Syria mainly. We have been reading quite a few stories about smaller guerilla fighting units being formed to take a stand against ISIS and other terrorist groups. The stories that have interested us the most, are those of women taking up arms alongside their military brothers because they too are sick of their homes and towns being destroyed by this group.


There are reports of women buoyed by the idea that ISIS believe if they are killed by women they won’t go to heaven, and so they are joining the fight to defend their people.

One trio of women from Turkey, who formed their own unit, have also been highlighted by the media for their courage and bravery to stop the reign of terror. Their names are Raparin, Roza, 22, and Deijly, 29, and they all left their homes and smuggled themselves into the region to fight for the people Yazidi people in Mount Sinjar, in the north of Kurdistan.

They started hearing about the ethnic cleansing of the Yazidi people in August 2014 and were horrified about the beheadings of Christian men, and the taking of women and girls as sex slaves.

“When we heard ISIS were coming to Sinjar and killing women, we came to stop the humanitarian crisis. They did this first of all to get rid of the Yazidis and convert them and second, to do bad things to their females,” Rosa told the Daily Mail.

They couldn’t believe that the entire region had been left defenseless after the Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Regional Government withdrew. It was estimated 40,000 people were left without any water or supplies and forced to fend for themselves.

The women in the unit describe how they have been killing up to 10 ISIS members a day from their secret vantage points.

We are ‘one’ with the Yazidis and will fight ISIS to take revenge for the what has happened to the women,’ Deijly, the leader of the unit and most experienced fight, said.


The women are protective of their identities and didn’t reveal much about their personal lives to the Daily Mail as they are not exactly a protected group. They fight as members of the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party which has been classified as a terrorist organization by the Turkish Government, the US, and NATO. The PKK has been fighting with the Turkish Gov’t for a long time, but the women say they have had help from some American-led airstrikes and other Kurdish forces.

“[Turkish President] Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has never wanted to make an agreement with us, and other countries support him, and think the PKK are terrorists,’ said Raparin.

They may be classified as “terrorists”, but avenging the capture & enslavement of thousands of women and children, and vowing not to stop fighting ISIS until the war on Islamic extremism is won sounds like a group of women who want to be part of the daily fight for their people, and aren’t too bothered about political agendas or labels. Bravo.

Although we have seen news recently about certain branches of the US military making great strides toward gender equality in the opportunities for women, this all-female PKK unit believes they are not just fighting for life, but also for gender equality.

“It is not just about women fighting, but also women in decision making and policy making. We have to first provide this in Kurdistan, and then the rest of the world can learn. But in Kurdistan it is the only place where women’s voices are rising,” said Deijly, the commander.

Roza, Raparin and Deijly are helping to train local Sinjar men and women in order to help them defend their families and towns.

“There is no difference between the female and male fighters. The training is the same,” they said.

One of the reasons they are adamant about fighting the extremists is drugs. Often when they capture and kill ISIS members, they find dope on them, which has led the women to conclude these men need to take drugs just to find the courage to fight. This has allowed them to realize the terrorists are not as strong as people think they are, and that the media perception which has instilled fear into many lives is incorrect. Added to this is the fact that they do not want to fight women because of the belief they won’t to go heaven if they die by the hands of a female soldier.

When they know women are fighting, they run away,” Roza said.

There are many women joining this fight against terror. It is heartening to see Roza, Raparin, Deijly and others wanting to help defenseless men, women and children. We will continue to share more stories like this because terrorist groups should not be the only people in this fight dominating headlines. We want to know what everyday men and women are doing to combat evil and fight for their futures.

International news organization RT made a documentary called ‘Her War: Women vs ISIS’ earlier this year and it is worth watching to see how women are becoming an important part of the fight against global terrorism. They spent three weeks in a training camp of the YPJ, the female division of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighting ISIS. The town of Serekaniye in Syria is the last major town bordering the “Islamic State”. The mainly Kurdish local population is determined to fight the murderous ISIS and prevent them from entering their town. Among the fighters are young women, who chose to defend themselves and their families from the invaders.:



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  1. Kerem Uygur says:

    It’s been three years but I can’t stand (saw this while searching), these are not Turkish women. These are Kurdish, and they are fighting for PKK which is a terrorist organization, Not all Kurdish people fight for them, but they wear PKK’s uniforms and there is a writing on the wall says “BIJI SEROK APO”, that means “LONG LIVE APO”, and Apo stands for Abdullah (Ocalan) who is the former leader of this terrorist organization. He is in jail now. Please edit this.

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