Two Tone Tote Bags Are The Ultimate Trend In 2021

The women’s accessories market has been in turmoil for a few months. Apparently, a lot of things are changing in this specific area, especially for what concerns the sector luxury bags and purses. If we take a look at the most valuable brands’ current catalogues, we can easily assume that the most recent Valentino Garavani tote bags‘ issues are leading a sort of revolution, which is both practical and aesthetic.

Every woman knows that a tote bag is the quintessential embodiment of the idea of comfort for what concerns this kind of accessories. Most of the times, this used to be interpreted as a rejection of any idea of style, design, elegance and good taste. In other words, a tote bag has (had) to be useful, its aesthetic is less than secondary. But now the things seem to be changing dramatically. Now the idea is: let’s get more fancy, without sacrificing the practical side. At the end of the day, trying to combine beauty and practicality has always been one of the main goals of the entire fashion industry.

If we look at the new bags’ collections by brands such as Valentino Garavani, Chanel or Gucci, we can easily realize how the tote bags are now the most appealing items of their catalogue. These valuable brands (along with same of the bravest and most proactive ones among the small companies) showed the entire fashion world how an apparently humble object could be reconfigured into a must-have, just working hard on its design. The result is plain to see: tote bags are definitely the trend of 2021.

For what concerns Valentino Garavani accessories for instance, the Maison’s taste for golden details results in a series of tote bag whose monochrome body is spiced up with shimmering trim and buckle, making it even more lavish. Other items have more complex decorations, but the scheme is basically the same: a single color for the whole object spiced up with a pinch of gold here and there. In other words, Valentino Garavani just applied the aesthetic of the two-tone bags – the fanciest trend of 2021 so far – to its tote bags – the less fancy bags available on the market – and with such a simple trick it converted a “poor” object, generally used for thrift shopping or similar activities, into the most unpredictable and yet the most exciting trend of the last months.

This is another hit for the Italian brand, whose accessories and cosmetics are overcoming the clothing items in terms of sales. And as usual a lot of brands are trying to follow its path. But in more general terms, the success of this new Valentino Garavani creation represents the evidence that in fashion (like in many other disciplines) creativity doesn’t necessarily mean “pull out more extravaganza and you’ll be rewarded”.

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple, clean and reassuring, and the results will come your way spontaneously. This is probably the biggest lesson that this troubled period we are going through has taught us: we shouldn’t let it go to waste.

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