Tyra Banks Uses Racism To Shut Down Homophobic Issue On ANTM


Notable gay icon and fierce defender of all races, body types and personalities, Tyra Banks ain’t one to mince her words when she talks about a topic of her passion. She has turned her successful fashion career into an empire and a self-titled brand, with her uber successful TV show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ airing its 21st season.

She has also just launched her own beauty brand called Tyra Beauty and the range of products features your fave “Ty-isms” including “Smack my fat lash” mascara and the “Ty-over” transformation foundation sticks.

But that’s not what has got our attention in the Tyra universe. While we have to admit we haven’t been 100% up to speed with what’s going on in the model house this cycle, one incident has got the internet into a bit of a tizzy (or should we say “Ty-zzy”).

Male contestant Denzel Wells, who happens to be straight, expressed concern to other contestants that if he lost to male model Will Jardel , who happens to be gay, he would be embarrassed. Not because HE doesn’t like gay people, but because his “friends” would make fun of a guy who lost to a dude who wears heels. Yep, Will fiercely rocked a pair of stilettos on the show.


“There was a comment said at the house that someone would have to go home and explain that a man in heels beat them in the competition, so I decided to wear heels today,” said Will.

When it came to judging time in this particular episode, Will was determined not to let the homophobic sentiments from Denzel get to him and decided to put his best (once again stiletto’d) foot forward instead.

Tyra confronted Denzel about the comments and you can tell he immediately felt ridiculous about what was said. He did mention that he has a right to his opinion, which is fair, yes. But having an opinion, and expressing it in an environment (national TV) in a manner that makes the other person feel inferior and unwanted is a whole other thing.

To illustrate the point more clearly, mama Banks uses the issue of racism toward black people in America.


“I want to take you back 50 years and imagine you overheard Will say, ‘I hope that Denzel guy doesn’t win. Because if that black guy wins, my friends at home are going to say I’m his bitch,'” she said.

But she wasn’t done with just mentioning homophobia and race, she also brought it down to an industry perspective for dear Denzel who said he didn’t really care too much about the issue, that it was just a comment.

“You care because you said it,” she said. “This is an industry that is predominately female. So when you step into an industry that is predominately a certain sex, you get the stereotype that you are gay. Be proud of this industry, and every single male model — gay, straight, heels, corsets, who gives a fuck?”

Keepin’ it real and fierce since way back when, go Tyra! Because in this day and age our differences shouldn’t be the measure of how we choose to respect someone. We also shouldn’t allow what defines us to divide us. Watch the full exchange below and once again remind yourself of why there is only one Tyra.


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  3. Violet Rose says:

    now how does she feel about Trans Women???

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