“U Woke Up Like Dis” Says IKEA’s Self Esteem Boosting Motivational Mirror


We all went “yeah right!” when Beyonce sang “I woke up like dis” thinking she meant she looked perfect every morning. But it turns out the phrase is more correct than we realize, we’ve just been looking at it the wrong way.

Home furnishings store Ikea, famous for their flatpacks and affordable prices, have decided to make sure their customers know they DID in fact wake up like dis, and they look good!

IKEA UK and Ireland released results of a study which found nearly half of the British population (49%) don’t receive any compliments in the space of a week, over 40 million Brits are critical about their appearance, and 33% of the nation feels they look their worst before 9am on a Monday morning.

The Swedish store commissioned the study, it’s not clear why they did, but what they found enabled them an opportunity to not only sell more home furnishings, but do their part for the self-esteem of British men and women.

Between 26-39% of people involved in the study say a smile or a simple compliment would change their whole demeanor and result in liking themselves more. While we don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion of needing outside validation to feel great about ourselves, there is something about the power of a positive spoken word and a bit of encouragement that goes a long way in the lives of others.

At the beginning of October, in lieu of their findings, IKEA launched their ‘Motivational Mirror’ in stores which verbally pays customers compliments as they walk by.


Using next generation Kinect motion sensor technology combined with complex coding, personalized messages are automatically triggered and delivered by a voice recording and text appearing on the mirror.

The integrated tech features the compliments Brits stated they would most like to hear – including: “Have you been working out?” (18%), “Your eyes are mesmerising” (8%) and “Your skin is glowing” (7%). The ‘Motivational Mirror’ has been developed to inject compliments back in to the day-to-day lives of Brits.

Myriam Ruffo, Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, IKEA UK & Ireland said:

“We all know how that first look in the bathroom or bedroom mirror can determine whether we have a good or bad day. That’s why we thought – wouldn’t it be great if the mirror actually told you something positive for a change!

“It’s often the small things that make the biggest difference – something that became evident in our recently published Life at Home report which studied how Britons feel in the morning. We believe that starting the day positively, by having a good night’s sleep, quality time with loved ones, or a boost to our self-esteem, will have knock-on effects that shape not only the mood of the individual, but that of the nation.”


With so many brands jumping on board the “confidence booster” following in the footsteps of what Dove have done successfully for the last decade, it’s encouraging to see how a customers’ wellbeing is finally becoming an integral part of corporate marketing campaigns.

Sure we don’t think of IKEA being a place where we feel insecure about our physical appearance, coz we’re too busy writing down product numbers and lining up for the Swedish meatballs after the checkout. But seriously, we hope this trend will continue, not in a way that sees it as just another way to make money, but in a way that puts the customer, not their wallet, first.

There is no news on whether this will be produced in other regions where IKEA is present, but with studies from around the world showing that kids as young as 8 and 10 feeling under pressure to look “sexy” shows we have a global societal epidemic that needs to be attacked on all levels.

Check out the Motivational Mirror in action below and see the effect it had on not just women, but men also:

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