UK Fashion Giant Pushes The Boundaries, Using 85 Y/O Supermodel In A Campaign!

Daphne Self

These days, to get noticed, you need to do something different and unique. While some big brands and companies choose to do something riske and controversial, others use thought-provoking and powerful content to make a difference.

UK Clothing Giant TK Maxx has decided to go where not a lot of major campaigns have gone before, and use an octogenarian for their new Street Style campaign.

Her name is Daphne Selfe, she is 85 and has been modeling for 60 years. Wow! Talk about being committed to a job! TK Maxx are making a huge statement use Daphne in this campaign. They are showing customers and fans that style isn’t limited to an age bracket or a certain type of look.

The campaign aims to celebrate individuality and personal style, rather than slavishly following the trends, and the high energy shoot gives the latest in-store bargains a cool new twist.

In her illustrious and stylish career, Daphne has worked with the likes of photographer Mario Testino, and shot for more campaigns than any model could ever dream to, including one for Dolce & Gabbana alongside Monica Bellucci. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Italian Vanity Fair, Tatler, The Observer, The Times, just to name a few.

daphne-selfe D&G

Selfe seems to be the perfect choice for the campaign, telling press in 2012 she is against the idea of plastic surgery, preferring to age gracefully.

“I’ve never had anything done to my face,” said Selfe. “Not that poison, not a face-lift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it!”

The record-breaking supermodel has seen many trends come and go in fashion and says there was a time when her look wasn’t ‘on trend’ which made her look to other ventures.

“When I was 40 I tried to get back into fashion modelling, but was turned away for not being ugly or strange enough. This was when the likes of Twiggy were big. I began instead to work as an extra on films and TV including 3 Bond movies, Sliding Doors and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.”

Daphne, who was discovered at a local model search in Reading, UK in the 195os keeps fit by doing Yoga and skydiving! While she has had a long career, there were times when she wasn’t getting a lot of work, and actually believes her best work came about as she aged, which is probably why she is a firm believer in natural beauty.

“It was strange, having been an average model when I was younger to going straight to the top when I was 70. You could say it took a lifetime to become an overnight success.” During her career she had time to raise a family, travel the world, and although she never got to work in Paris as she says she was only 5’7″ her impact hasn’t been limited to just one city.

Daphne Selfe TK Maxx

It seems this new campaign featuring Daphne is going to be one that stretches the boundaries in all respects, and it also features plus size model pioneer, and British “It” girl Felicity Hayward.

Felicity has been featured recently in Vogue UK and on the cover of i-D magazine, proving she is an important representative for young women everywhere. It’s so refreshing to see a huge clothing chain recognizing the wide range of its buyers and reflecting that it its campaign.

The “blonde bombshell” as Vogue nicknamed her, is very outspoken about why being a plus size model is important. She told the fashion mag in July 2013 “My size never came into my mind. I would never change myself for anyone, I’m a good representation of the average British woman. Anyone can get their arse in a certain dress. Just because I’m bigger, it doesn’t mean I hate skinny girls. Numbers don’t matter.”

She wants to eventually have her own fashion magazine, which would be called The Pink Palace after Jayne Mansfield’s house and it would be about everything she believes in. Promoting positive body images for women. “I feel all woman should be celebrated together whether they are labelled size zero, “regular” or plus-size.”

Felicity Hayward TK Maxx

Not sure about all of you, but news like this is worthy of an *epic squeee!!* moment! Thank goodness for healthy positive fashion campaigns setting new trends. Now that we all have smiles on our faces and can breathe a sigh of relief about the direction the fashion industry is going, watch the TK Maxx campaign video below and celebrate the goodness!


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