UK Label House Of Fraser Feature Real Life Mother-Daughter Duos In New Mother’s Day Campaign

With Mother’s Day around the corner in the United States, and the UK having just celebrated recently, British clothing label House of Fraser decided to cast real-life mother and daughter duos to be the face of their new mom jeans campaign. 

The British department store, group which has 41 locations across the United Kingdom, launched a model hunt on social media at the beginning of the year, giving ordinary duos from across the UK the chance to be models for a day. 

The winners were Louise and her daughter Kaye, both from Scotland, Yvette and her daughter Maya from East London, and Evey and her daughter Lily from North London. From influencing each other’s fashion to impacting each other’s lives, these duos represent the amazing things about this unique relationship – and HoF wanted to celebrate it.

Maya & Yvette

Icons of casual fashion, Maya and Yvette like to style their mom jeans effortlessly, with a classic t-shirt and trainers – and East London is their catwalk. The influence goes both ways in this close mother-daughter relationship, with Maya taking inspiration from her mum’s classic style and entering her wardrobe, and Yvette being encouraged by her daughter to try more outgoing, street style.

Speaking about the generational appeal of mom jeans, the pair explained in a press release how they find them “super versatile to style”, with Maya admitting that “my mum has been influencing my style… so I actually go into her wardrobe and take a lot of her clothes.”

What do the duo love most about mom jeans? “I wear mom jeans because they’re flexible and you don’t feel restricted when wearing them plus they’re super versatile to style,” they said.

Kaye & Louise

A mother and daughter duo from Scotland, Kaye and Louise ooze style every single day. For Kaye, being expressive with her style runs in her genes (or should we say jeans), with Louise encouraging her from an early age to explore her style and feel the freedom to express herself through fashion. The two have the ultimate mother-daughter bond, both working together and spending their days off together.

Kaye spoke about how her Mum has encouraged her to try new styles since childhood.

“My mum has always let me dress myself from a very young age, which was probably a mistake at times, but it means I can express myself… I like to be able to move, I think mom jeans are perfect for that.” Kaye told the team.

Evey & Lily

Hailing from North London, Lily and Evey make mom jeans look good. This mother-daughter duo is the definition of opposites attract, with Evey opting for a more formal style and Lily following casual streetwear fashion. It works well, though. Evey takes inspiration from her daughter’s relaxed style, learning how to create casual everyday looks – mom jeans being the star player in this.

What does Lily appreciate about her mum? “My relationship with my mum is very fun, we’re there for each other and we love doing exciting things together. She’s just a really strong woman”.

As well as winning the model experience, each duo received a £500 House of Fraser gift card. 

You can learn more about the winning mother-daughter duos in the video below, and shop your favorite style of mom jeans via the House of Fraser website.

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