‘Uncovering’ Novel Explores A Muslim Society Threatened By Extremism & Its Effect On Women

When we look at newsmedia coverage of religion or extremist incidents, we are only given the highlighted points and are often left to fill in the blanks or form opinions based on rhetoric or conjecture. What gets left out are the intricate and nuanced stories of the lives of people affected that can offer great insight into a number of religious groups and ideologies. And while we may not be able to rely on the news to give us the detailed information we need on a regular basis, there are other mediums and individuals who are using their expertise to help us understand new perspectives around such polarizing and difficult subject matters such as religion.

International education expert Lorelei Brush is no stranger to publication. She has published two nonfiction books that address the issue of girls’ participation in mathematics. However, ‘Uncovering’ is her first breakthrough into the world of fiction. ‘Uncovering’ rolled from her pen following a two-year stint in northwestern Pakistan when her Islamabad office was just two blocks from the Red Mosque. The commitment of her staff to bringing modern educational techniques to the mountains was so impressive that she had to memorialize them in an inspiring story.

Shahnaz, a liberal but observant Muslim, is a nurse in Pakistan’s foothills of the Himalayas with a passion to help pregnant women deliver healthy babies. At her parents’ command she weds a gentle man who encourages her work. But marrying him means she must live with his extended family including his fundamentalist older brother, Raja Haider. When the men’s father dies, Raja Haider becomes head of the family. As is his right, he orders Shahnaz to quit her job and stay at home. Her mild husband accepts his brother’s authority, but Shahnaz rebels.

Author Lorelei Brush

The story churns with the struggles of obedience versus self-determination, piety versus zealotry, and preserving the old versus embracing the new. In the end, some seek peace and others pursue violence to achieve what’s holy. If you are interested in learning about Islam, this is a great read – you will get to learn while being able to relate to a character just like you.

Lorelei Brush holds two doctoral degrees, a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and a Doctor of Ministry focusing on Islam and Christianity. Since 1996, she has worked in international education. From 2006 to 2008 she managed a large USAID-funded education project in northwestern Pakistan, an area seriously affected by the earthquake of October 2005. ‘Uncovering’ is her debut novel, a work of love arising from her time among so many gifted people committed to Islam as a religion of peace and helping others. 

Published by Mascot Books, ‘Uncovering’ is now available to purchase through Amazon and the Mascot website. It is a timely story and one that will hopefully allow readers to remain open-minded and empathetic when it comes to learning about Muslim women and how they in particular are affected by extremism and violence in the name of religion.

Lorelei has done a profound job in bringing this story to life and marrying it with her own experiences and work. Learn more about the book by clicking here. You can also hear more from the author in an interview she did with the Hear Us Roar podcast:

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