Victoria Beckham: “If You Work Hard You Can Achieve A Lot”


Victoria Beckham covers the March issue of Allure Magazine, and opens up about about her designs, the Spice Girls, and those boobs.

Having just showcased a new collection on the runway at New York Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week, VB is on a roll, and is taking a long list of A-list celebrity clients with her.

But her rise to fashion superstardom wasn’t always expected, and nor was it easy. The 39 year old British mom of 4 and wife of soccer player David Beckham had to dig in her heels and work just as hard as any joe schmo wanting to make it in the biz.

“I was never a natural,” she says. “I got there in the end because I did believe that if you work hard enough, then you can achieve a lot.”

It started out with the heady days of the Spice Girls who set the pop music-obsessed world on fire in the 90s, but that soon died out, giving way for Victoria to think about what she wanted to do next. She took time off to be mother to her three boys and supported her husband who played for Real Madrid in Spain, and eventually LA Galaxy in the US.

But all the while she knew she wanted to build something for herself, discovered her true passion in the world of fashion, and gave it a go. She told the beauty mag she was the most happiest in her career (up until that point) living in Los Angeles as it was a place where she was able to create some amazing opportunities. While everyone was buzzing about David Beckham, she was just thankful for an environment which supported working women and mothers.

“Living in America for six years was the happiest I think I’ve ever been,’ she says. “It was much more accepting for a woman to have a career, as well as a man. And I loved it.”


The woman notoriously known for never smiling in photographs (perhaps she is just concentrating really hard!) already had a well-established fashion line when she made a comeback with the Spice Girls over the past few years. They performed at the Victoria’s Secret annual show in 2007, sang and danced with the girl group at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony, and of course their comeback tour during 2007-2008.

But she counts the girls, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, and Emma Bunton, as the reason for her self-confidence.

“I think what gave me confidence in myself was meeting the other girls,” she says. “We always said we were all like rejects in our own way. We had to work hard, and they helped me accept me for who I was.”

Having that confidence meant she defied the odds of being a popstar, married to a footballer with 4 kids to become a household name and create a brand all by herself. Having confidence also meant she has no problem admitting her own body image issues. She used to deny having breast implants, but has since had them removed and talks openly about them.

“I don’t have them anymore.” A small pause: “I may have purchased them.” She doesn’t cite a specific reason for removing them other than to say it wasn’t because they hurt. Which probably means she wanted to overhaul her image and the fake boobs didn’t suit her anymore.

Two years ago she received a British Fashion Award for the best designer brand of the year, and was also named Woman of the Decade at the Glamour UK awards in 2013. For someone who was bullied in school for being different, she has proved hard work comes in many forms, and never giving up is the best revenge you can get.

“I didn’t go to a private school; it was a public school. It was not a very nice school.[I was] different from all the other children at the school. I really wouldn’t wish it on any kid, because it’s horrible,” she says.

She is opening her first store in London late in 2014 filled with what Allure magazine calls her “feminist fashion” to suit all body types and inspire confidence and self-esteem in the wearer. “Whatever shape or size you are, it can change the way you hold yourself.”




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