The Video Compelling Men To Do More To Prevent Gender Violence


Meet Jeremy Loveday (through the interwebs, at least.) He is rad and we love his message. He is a writer, poet and performance artist from Victoria, Canada who likes to use art to penetrate society’s conscience on various issues.

He organizes and facilitates workshops for high schools, teens, adults and youth at risk in his role as Director of Youth Outreach for Tongues of Fire, Victoria’s spoken word poetry collective.

One of the things he is passionate about is preventing violence and allowing men to really see how ingrained violence against women is in our culture. His hope is that through a greater awareness, men will be willing to be accountable for their actions, and stand up for the women in their lives.

Earlier this year, a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 1 in 3 of the world’s women have or will experience physical or sexual violence throughout their lifetime. It was noted that these numbers were likely underestimates. That’s not something to just sweep under the carpet.

In September 2013 Jeremy released this video called “Masks Off” urging men to stop playing a character and be real about this issue. No more bravado or false machismo, it is about being a human being that cares for others, and is willing to put an end to violence by seeking the root of the issues.

Another awesome dude who recognizes that violence against women by men is ingrained into everyday culture, is Jackson Katz. He regularly conducts workshops with the military and various sporting associations showing men that the attitudes they grow up with and the way they treat women is not right and they need to be the opposite of what they are taught.


“Men, take responsibility. There is a softness in your throat waiting to be freed. Men, we are responsible for the vast majority of violence. Men it’s an epidemic…Men, let’s talk.” he says in the video.

“We’ve all had times when we wanted to speak up but didn’t,” said Loveday, a two-time Victoria Poetry Slam Champion. “The question I’ve heard is: ‘How do you speak up so people will listen without being on the defensive?’ ”Jeremy also is quick to modestly acknowledge he is just one part of a very important movement, and gives credit to everyone who works hard to fight gender violence.“I don’t want to take any credit for the great work people do on the front lines, especially women,” he said. “I just lent my voice to the conversation.”

Share this video with every guy who is important to you. The way to change is not through action alone, but to change our hearts and minds. Unless we allow ourselves to elevate our thinking and speak important messages into the world, we cannot progress. Thank you Jeremy for influencing your generation of men do take responsibility and care for women!


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