[VIDEO] Youtuber LoveAlanaChan Chats About ‘The Empowerment Project’

In the third episode of our ‘Role Models’ web series, we chatted with Youtuber Alana who has a popular travel and lifestyle channel called LoveAlanaChan. She is passionate about creating positive content for women and for her audience.

Alana spoke to us about being part of The Empowerment Project crew of females who traveled around the United States in September, 2013 to interview a series of powerful and inspiring women in different industries.

Keep in mind, Alana was part of a 5-woman crew who didn’t really know each other before they were stuck in a van for 30 days together! That in itself shows how important friendships can be, and we will get to see part of their personal journeys in the documentary as they all kept a video diary on the road.

Two of the people they interviewed were athlete Kacie Cleveland, who battled a life-threatening disease, then became the first woman to inline skate across America, and Beth Klein who is a lawyer who works to help end sex trafficking in the United States. We truly love the girls behind The Empowerment Project and were honored to host their road trip blog as they filmed, because this is going to be an incredible documentary that will inspire so many girls around the country.

With all the negative media that is available to girls and young women, it is truly exciting to see content like this being made from ordinary women who want to make a difference. If we want something to change, it is not enough to wait for someone else to take up the cause. We all have a passion and we can either choose to act or just let it go to waste. The journey these five women took together shows the willingness to give up a month of their lives in the hope that girls out there in America and the world will be impacted.

Alana’s mission is to inspire girls through her work and wants to use her voice for something positive. Vlogging and blogging is really popular at the moment, but she gives us her insider perspective on why it’s good for young women to get involved, especially if they have an important message they want to share, and build confidence.

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