The Viral Video Showing Men Why It’s Creep & Gross To Objectify Women In Public


On December 29, 2012, the world was stunned to hear about the rape of a 23 year old Indian female student who was brutally gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi. Since that horrific tragedy (the woman died from her injuries two weeks after the attack, but not before being bold enough to report the crime) more and more stories are emerging from India about violence toward women, rape and honor killings performed by the hands of men who unfortunately still dominate in that society.

But they don’t dominate the voice of the people when it comes to the international media, and the sub-continent has been forced to re-evaluate its legislation on these criminal activities and face the wrath of global media.

A year after the young woman’s death, a group called Whistling Woods International created and distributed a PSA video to show why men need to look inward and change the way they look at women. They need to start protecting women, not continue to treat them like worthless objects.

The organization said women’s empowerment is greatly needed as the incident on Dec 29, 2012 “did trigger a sense of solidarity to stand up, fight against and do our best to eradicate such atrocities & gender inequality.”


The video is called “Dekh Le” translated as “Take a Look”. In the video we see a number of scenarios where men are basically ogling women, making them feel rather creeped out. Toward the end the men catch a glimpse of their own reflection and are startled to see that they look so gross staring and women. It rattles them, and the message of the video is intended to show men that objectifying women is not ok.

The video features song lyrics in the background, which translates into “Look how you look when you’re looking at me.”

Be sure to share this with every man and woman you know. We all need to work together to create awareness, and be agents of change by spreading the right messages.


  1. cheryldelp says:

    What a great idea someone had!!! We can all take a lesson from this. All of us need to look in the mirror to see our inner selves, because what we are thinking does show on our faces. And I know I’m not always thrilled with what I see. Did they ever prosecute the scum bags who killed the young student?

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