Watch What Happens When A Muslim Cleric Forces A TV Host To Wear A Hijab On Air


Ah yes. The power of a woman. Perhaps some men in certain parts of the world should start to take note of this…

In an interview for Sabaya el-Kheir on Al-Nahar TV – an Egyptian television channel that has come into conflict with religious clerics in the past- TV host Riham Said shows some major balls, especially being that she is in the middle east.

She was sent to interview a Muslim cleric, and right before the interview, although cameras were already rolling, cleric Yousuf Badri forcibly asks her to wear a veil on camera. She has a bit of back and forth discussion with him, and reluctantly ends up doing it, although she is not happy about it. But a few minutes later she sees some sense and tells him she will only wear the veil for God, not man.

Said also accuses people like the cleric for giving the Muslim religion a bad name worldwide. Gutsy move there sister! Watch what happens when the TV reporter confronts him with 2 very important points, and how he back peddles and threatens her.

This is the type of video we hope all middle eastern women see and recognize they don’t need to cower in fear of what some leaders say. It is becoming increasingly clear that some “religious mandates” may not even be about religion at all, and more about enforcing patriarchal, oppressive rule. If this TV host was able to state the obvious point about her faith being between her and God, not for show, then it becomes clear that this isn’t a religious argument at all.

And hey, if he was so perturbed about being interviewed by a woman without a veil, even though it is not a religious TV channel, why did he agree to go on there in the first place?

No matter what you believe, how you dress, act or speak, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This is a message that is slowly growing in the Middle East, thanks to bold women like Riham Said.



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  2. I actually understand a pretty decent amount of Arabic and the translation lost a bit but really the message is there. Honestly I am against organized religion and believe that it has absolutely no justifiable place in public, government, or culture and should only be practiced privately in the home. So obviously that cleric is way out of line. If he had no problem speaking to a hijab-less woman before hand he clearly should have no problem when the cameras are rolling. Her not wearing a hijab is not comparable to wearing a bikini to meet the pope you ignorant fools. It’s equivalent to showing your shoulders or your hair… seriously learn your abrahamic religions a bit more kids. Besides tons of women in Egypt don’t wear the hijab, like a crazy amount, it’s to the point that when you see a woman in a full niqab all you can think is “holy shit people are still wearing those?” He is obviously a hypocrite and cares far too much about what people think of him which isn’t okay for any religious cleric (or any decent human being). If you any of you have actually read any of those silly abrahamic books (bible, qua’ran, and the torah) all of the biggest heroes and prophets where all about hanging out with the more “unsavoury” types. So as far as I’m concerned any religious leader that turns their back on someone because they aren’t fitting into their preconceived notions shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves a religious leader.
    Also if any of you had ever read the qua’ran you would know that there is actually no where in it that explicitly states a woman HAS to wear anything whether it be a hijab or niqab.

    Just throwing this out here since I am not going to reply to any of you ever.
    I have spoken arabic since childhood. I am an atheist but whilst growing up had a catholic mother and muslim father. They also exposed me to all world religions but never forced theirs upon me so I have read most of the major religious texts. However most of my knowledge is admittedly about christianity and islam. Also there is no god.

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