Ways To Deal With Constant Back Pain

Recent studies conducted in Europe and the United States indicate that from 7 to 64% of the population suffers from back pain, while chronic pain syndromes (CHD) account for up to 45% of cases. According to the European Medical Center (EMC), there are more those with chronic back pain in the USA than those suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer combined.


Most often, CHD is characterized by pain in the lower back, in the neck, returning to a person even after massage and pills. This disease requires palliative (exercise therapy and medications like cbd pain relief), as well as psychological therapy, which in many ways can cause depression. In order to minimize the suffering, you can read teeter hang up reviews and find your top effective solution.

Predisposing Factors

Usually, back pain is related to the overload of the spine with the relative weakness of the back muscles. In this case, microtraumas occur in the spine and surrounding tissues; the processes of “wear and tear” are accelerated. With the irritation of receptors in the tissues or compression of the nerve roots extending from the spinal cord, pain occurs.

However, in about 10% of cases, back pain has something to do with the diseases of other organs that require appropriate treatment; otherwise, it will complicate the situation. The risk of the condition due to overload increases in the following cases:

  • Constant incorrect posture (e.g., when seated);
  • The lack of physical activity; 
  • Overweight;
  • Hard physical work;
  • Back injuries in the past;
  • Disorders of the spine.

If not treated in a timely manner, the above factors turn to lead to severe health conditions.

Disease Development

The surrounding muscles play a key role in supporting the spine. The sedentary lifestyle that many people lead can cause an imbalance in the work of muscles. Long-term muscle strain leads to an increase in muscle tone and malnutrition, inflammation (myositis), and pain (myalgia).

In severe cases, the internal parts of the disk begin to protrude and squeeze the adjacent nerve roots and nerves. First, there is a protrusion, which can then develop into a disc herniation – both accompanied by severe pain. Since the disk cannot cope with the load, other parts of the spine take over the support function. This increases the load on the intervertebral joints. All these processes are accompanied by inflammation and pain.

To live with the condition of this type, many are forced to constantly take painkillers, wear fixating belts, sleep on hard mattresses. If you are searching for some other effective solutions to make your life less painful, visit the jonsguide.org site offering plenty of options to choose from. 

An important part of treatment is gymnastics, which must be performed daily. There are several complexes that are selected taking into account the condition of the back, the presence or absence of exacerbations, the age of the person. But in any case, the exercises are performed smoothly, without jerking. Massages, spa treatments, physiotherapy can be used as well. But the therapy should be only prescribed by doctors since every treatment has many contraindications.

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