Ways To Safeguard Against Smartphone Damage

Purchasing mobile devices can cost a small fortune, so you understandably want to maximize their life. Unfortunately, many mobile devices are damaged or destroyed. In addition to being incredibly inconvenient, these issues can result in significant repair or replacement expenses. If you are looking for a way to save money on technology, maximizing the life of your devices is essential. While you cannot protect your mobile device from all types of damage, these essential tips can reduce your risk and minimize related costs dramatically.

Use Protective Features

Your mobile device’s screen can easily be scratched or may shatter to the point where the device is no longer functional. The glass on these devices is fragile, and it can be damaged severely when the device simply falls a few feet to the ground from your hand or pocket. Screen protectors like those designed by BodyGuardz can prevent or minimize this type of damage. Durable phone cases also protect against screen damage as well as internal damage related to an impact. Some phone cases are water-resistant and can offer additional and essential protection. While you understandably want your case to reflect your style or personality, the case should be strong above all else.

Avoid Risky Environments

Even with protective features on your device, there remains a risk that it could be damaged or destroyed. For instance, getting a little too carried away with your favorite mobile game can lead to your phone flying out of your hands and into a bowl of milk left out by your husband. Random accidents aside, some day-to-day situations pose a significant risk, so simply avoiding those situations can help you to keep your device as safe as possible. For example, avoid placing your smartphone in your back pocket where it could be damaged when you sit down. Do not take your phone in the bathroom or in any wet environment. If possible, stash your device in your car or another safe location when you plan to spend time outdoors.

Purchase Insurance

Your provider may offer insurance for your mobile device for an affordable monthly fee. This fee is usually tacked onto your service plan’s bill. With insurance, you may be able to replace a damaged screen at a minimal cost. If the internal components of the device are severely damaged or if the phone is lost or stolen, you may file a claim against your insurance policy to obtain a replacement. While most insurance plans require you to pay a deductible when you file a claim, this deductible is typically very affordable compared to the cost of a full device replacement. Many people pay for their devices on a payment plan and may owe money on the device when it is damaged or lost. Without insurance, you may have to pay off the remaining balance on the damaged device and pay for the purchase of a new device at the same time.

Keeping your mobile device as safe as possible is a great way to keep technology costs as low as possible. Rather than upgrading each time a new model is released, consider maxing the life of your current device by using it for several years before upgrading. Only upgrade when your device is no longer functional for your needs and when features in a new model could provide significant improvement to your life in practical ways. Remember to invest in a new phone case and screen protector each time you upgrade or replace your device.

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