WEEKLY WRAP UP: Amal Clooney Or Bust!

Ok so everyone is freaking out about the fact that George Clooney’s new wife, Amal Alamuddin, changed her last name to “Clooney”. The internationally renowned human rights lawyer, who counts Julian Assange as a client, has been the topic of discussion on many websites and blogs, as she is being accused of giving women and feminism a bad name.

Here’s what we think, everyone is making a big deal out of nothing! Shouldn’t it be her choice and her own private business what she decides to do in her marriage?

Taking your husband’s last name has nothing to do with feminism at all, in our humble opinion.

There are so many other more important world issues that do deserve media headlines.

On the other extreme of feminism spectrums and on a similar note, actresses Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston got a little bit of heat in the press because they aren’t in a rush to get married or have kids. They say they have been under a lot of scrutiny, by the court of public opinion (of course) and feel its unfair for them to be accused of doing women a “disservice by not wanting the same things as others.

Does that make them any less of a feminist because of their choices?

Cameron made a great point that although she’d be happy to get married and have kids, she is also happy where she is right now in her life, and she feels she shouldn’t go and chase something just because society (once again, that good ol’ court of public opinion) says she has to.

What do you think about these women? Should the media or the public make such a big deal out of a woman’s personal choice, just because she is a celebrity?

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  1. What does it matter if Amal kept her maiden name or not. That has absolutely no impact on who she is as a human being, it is just a simple name change. It is more of a cultural thing then feminism in my eyes. I have had some people ask me some crazy questions when they discover that not only am I not married, but that I have been with my significant other for 6 years and am completely happy not being married to him. Some think it is because I am a feminist. It really has nothing to do with that, it just isn’t the choice we are making right now.

    There is so much “pressure” on this idea of being a feminism in the media. It is like as soon as the idea of feminism comes into play, the media jumps all over it and wants to to prove a female celebrity’s feminism through her daily choices that really are just that – personal, daily choices that are not statement pieces of whether you are a “real” feminist or not.

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