WEEKLY WRAP UP: The Art Of Feminine Leadership

Heard the phrase “act like a lady, think like a man”? It’s a familiar moniker that seems to have a permanent place in pop culture and business circles.

Seminars, books, trends and messages about how to be a successful leader or how to run a successful business seem to run off this mantra, as if accessing the mind of a man is the only way to successfully lead a business.

We (and many others) are here to say enough! Enough of society telling women to ditch their natural qualities in favor of more masculine ones. When women don’t operate within their own traits and tendencies, a businesses loses out on some important that things that have been missing in leadership.

A woman’s ability to be emotional, nurturing, and make different types of decisions should no longer be seen as weak or inhibiting, but enhancing.

Both men and women possess different types of natural qualities which, when brought alongside each other, can make for a balanced harmonious workplace.

In this video, editor-in-chief Asha Dahya shares her thoughts on why forcing women to process leadership skills from a man’s point of view can be detrimental to a business.

A recent study showed that hedge funds who have more women on their boards or in senior management positions tend to yield better returns on investments for their clients. Another study released earlier this year showed ethnically diverse countries suffer slow economic development, except when there are women in charge.

If these statistics are anything to go by, it shows that a woman’s ability to lead HER way, not a man’s way, should not be overlooked anymore and be utilized in more ways than one.

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  1. It’s crystal clear, women make better leaders and managers. How what else do you expect from a person who easily multi-tasks, is brave, confident and willing to stick her neck out for her team. Leadership roles are clearly for women and men who have female hearts.

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