Weekly Wrap UP: What Defines Us Shouldn’t Divide Us

If you take a look around the world at all the major news, a lot of it is quite depressing. Israel and Gaza for example. The media subconsciously teaches us to pick sides and hate or fear the opposition.

Elsewhere online, the ‘Women Against Feminism’ tumblr has divided many groups of women and has been a breeding ground for hatred, anger and negativity in some cases.

While it’s not wrong to define yourself and align with a certain idea or political leaning, it shouldn’t negate our responsibility as individuals to treat each other with respect.

If we choose to foster environments of civil discussion, rather than go on the offensive toward someone who believes something different to us, there is a good chance we might open ourselves up to find common ground with the “opposition” and view them less of an enemy.

If we truly believe diversity is a good thing, then we should be prepared for those around us who don’t think, feel, act, speak and operate the same way we do. The more variety we can bring to the table, the more we can progress as a collective community.

The media does a great job in aiding divisions, especially certain news networks which have a particular political leaning. It’s not fair for the media to impose restrictions on the public, rather they should be presenting all the facts in an unbiased manner so we can decide for ourselves.

But since the media can’s always be trusted, this is something we need to cultivate in our own lives. How often do we go out of our way to find out what other people believe or why others think the opposite of us?

If every person has a story and uses their own life experience to shape and mold their views, then we should be able to appreciate that others form their views this way also.

Going on the offensive and leading with anger is always a bad way to tell people about your movement or your beliefs. When we aren’t respectful of others’ beliefs and come across hostile, we do a great disservice to whatever it is we are trying to share. What’s the solution? Knowing that just because someone is different to us, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated as equals.

These ideas may sound like “no-brainers” to most of us, or perhaps they sound a little too progressive. Either way, it is something worth taking into consideration going forward because life is too short to carry around hatred and anger.

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