WEEKLY WRAP UP: Takedown Culture & How It Affects Women


In a recent interview to promote her new single ‘Shake it Off’, Taylor Swift says she wrote it because she was sick of living in a “takedown culture”. That phrase really resonated with us on so many levels because it encapsulates the underlying battle that women face, and also points at where the battle begins.

The media has a lot to answer for in how it portrays women, and the dialogs it creates surrounding women in the media in particular. Our Weekly Wrap Up dissects how various media stories play into takedown culture.

For example, tabloid media love to write about Taylor’s ongoing list of boyfriends, but don’t seem to care that despite being a young woman, she has accomplished a lot in her career, is adamant about presenting a wholesome image in her music, and is a supporter of feminism.

When the news of the nude photos being leaked and stolen from a group of female celebrity’s phones, the media immediately latched onto the fact that these women were scandalously taking nude photos, rather than putting the responsibility on the perpetrators.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has since spoken about the issue which she calls a “sex crime” and even went as far to blame certain media saying they have a “choice” to do better and lead their readers in the right direction.

The other prime example of takedown culture was how the New York Times described TV creator Shonda Rhimes as an “angry black woman” and cited that as the reason for her success creating hit shows such as ‘Scanda’, ‘Greys Anatomy’, and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.

The thing is, Shonda Rhimes is a super successful writer, creator and showrunner and makes brilliant TV giving a much wider scope of representation to women, minorities and the LGBT community that no one has really done in American television before. Because the NY Times pigeon-holed her success into a “female” and “black” category, they perpetuated the notion that women can’t be seen as equals alongside their male peers and in therefore turned it into a gender and race issue, rather than just making it about TV.

Below our editor-in-chief Asha Dahya shares her thoughts on this issue and why takedown culture is only hurting us as women. In an effort to always stay positive and promote strong females in the world, we are running an exciting giveaway of author Ian Andrew’s fiction novel ‘A Time To Every Purpose’ which is an action-adventure thriller featuring three female lead characters who have to battle against an evil Nazi regime and travel through time to save the world.

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