WEEKLY WRAP UP VID: Hobby Lobby, Lucy Flores & Mommy Bloggers

Three topics that have been huge and ongoing online, in the media and in the news lately are the Hobby Lobby case, Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores admitting she had an abortion without regrets, and mommy bloggers and their breastfeeding pics. That’s what we’re tackling in the Weekly Wrap Up video!

All three of these topics aren’t just arbitrary, they actually have something in common: people get so fired up about them because they relate to our own identities somehow.

Our identities are something we hold in close and high regard, and when anyone threatens that, it feels like a personal attack, which is why so many women are up in arms about the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow Christian-owned company Hobby Lobby to not provide certain contraceptives in their employee healthcare package because of their religious beliefs.

Reproductive rights is a heated topic in US politics and has been for the past couple of years. In 2013, there were over 700 bills proposed to Congress which aimed to regulate a woman’s body somehow. Yet there were none for men.

It’s not hard to see why women feel their unalienable rights as human being are being attacked by the religious front.

Nevada Democratic Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, who is also in the running for the Lieutenant Governor position, admitted last year that she had an abortion when she was 16, and also openly said she doesn’t regret it. The story went viral because she is a young Latina woman from a very rough background who has managed to climb up the political ladder and is now using her story as a source of inspiration to others.

The reason she feels she doesn’t need to apologize is because she hopes her story will prevent other young girls from getting into the same situation as her. She has received a lot of hate online for not regretting an abortion, but she is defying the odds of what a normal US politician looks like, because she is an actual representative of everyday American life.

There have been a slew of mommy bloggers having their Instagram accounts suspended or cancelled because photos of them breastfeeding and photos of their naked babies are being reported. These mothers, who feel their identities as women are being attacked by the public and by social media, are banding together to try and get the censorship laws changed.

We spoke to one of the bloggers, Alexis Sassard who explains the campaign and the fight from her point of view.

All of these topics are discussed and tied into how identities are what is affected in stories like these which can hit home in so many ways.

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