WEEKLY WRAP UP VIDEO: Nipples, Crystals & Fishnets, Oh My!

In this week’s GTHQ Weekly Wrap Up video, our editor-in-chief Asha Dahya talks about public nudity and women’s bodies.

Rihanna wore a see-through dress to the CFDA awards which was made of fishnet and Swarovski crystals. It made headlines everywhere because you could see her nipples. On the other side of town, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Scout Willis walked through New York topless in protest, supporting the #freethenipple movement.

While many critics are saying Rihanna’s display of near-nudity was nothing more that attention-seeking, it brings up an important discussion, of which there are a few different opinions.

Rihanna had her Instagram account cancelled because she posted one too many nude pictures. Plus size blogger and singer Meghan Tonjes had a photo of her butt taken down off Instagram, even though many skinny other women post near-naked selflies all the time on the social media platform. When she confronted Instagram about it, they realized their mistake and allowed her to keep the photo.

While IG CEO Kevin Systrom explained to the media that they want the app to be a place where adults and teens alike can come and find appropriate content, the incident with Meghan shows that their own regulations have to come into question at times. Is it bias toward certain types of bodies over others?

Scout Willis on the other hand walked topless down a New York street not to promote nudity or toplessness, but to start a conversation about how regulated women’s bodies are by the media, society and governments. Why aren’t women allowed to breast-feed in public, but being naked on a TV show or at a fashion event is ok? Where do we draw the line? Is it a black and white answer? How does each country’s culture play a part in determining the “rules” about nudity in public and online?

Watch the video below to hear Asha’s thoughts on this hot topic!

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