WEEKLY WRAP UP VIDEO: The War On Women Is Real

The war on women. That phrase sounds like some sort of extreme feminist propaganda. But sadly, it’s not.

It is a very real epidemic that affects women everywhere.

In the US a report was recently released stating nearly 40 female prison inmates were sterilized without their consent between 2005-2013. How these doctors got away with committing a felony for so long is incredulous! Meanwhile, any of those women who had hoped to have children in the future, oh too bad because someone took away your right.

A Mormon woman from Utah, a lifelong devotee of the religion, has been excommunicated from the church because she dared to question and challenge the patriarchy. Kate Kelly has been a longtime champion for broader women’s roles within the Mormon church, including priesthood ordination, but the men in charge didn’t like their authority tested and decided getting rid of her was the easiest option. Good to know that there are organizations out there who still view women as weaker vessels and expect us to just shutup and take whatever is dished out!

In Sudan, the story of Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman sentenced to death for not being a Muslim, is ongoing. She was released from prison (where she had her second baby!) after a successful appeal from her lawyers. Upon release, she was arrested again, and her future is still in question. It sounds like a witch hunt, and yet another example of how women’s values are seen as insignificant compared to men in certain areas. She was sentenced to prison because her dad was a Muslim, and Meriam refused to convert to her father’s faith.

In India the sexual assault and gender violence stories continue to make headlines. It’s really sad to think that a country rich with history, tradition, and culture is now being seen as a place where women are treated as expendable because many of the perpetrators have gotten away with their crimes for too long. We continue to hear stories of rapes, murders, and hangings of young women, and the country is now in a state of outcry, protesting in the streets, urging the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act.

The story of 300 Nigerian school girls being kidnapped by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram shocked the world. Those girls are yet to be rescued, and it seems they have become emboldened by this act, and decided to kidnap more people. News broke recently that they kidnapped 60 women and 30 young boys. The Nigerian government needs to act, and if they can’t, they need to call on other countries to do something!

These stories are not isolated incidents. They should get more airtime than any “Kimye” story out there, because this is about a real issue. Awareness is a start, and we can’t just rely on the media to do all the work. We as citizens have a duty to spread the word through our social media accounts, talk about the war on women within our communities, and find ways to donate money or time to organizations dedicated to making a change in the world.

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