What Are Angel Numbers And How To Interpret Them

You’re going through your day and keep noticing the same sequence of numbers everywhere you turn. The numbers may appear on the clock, timer, vehicle license plate, page numbers, etc. do you find yourself wondering what this could possibly mean.

This is referred to as Angel Numbers. Angel numbers can come in a variety of sequences such as 456, 666, 789, 222, 1111 and so on. These sequences are so referenced as it is believed that they are divine messages from our guardian angels. It is their way of providing us with guidance.

Each sequence or pattern of numbers represents a different message. Some of these messages may be to simply remind you of your angel’s presence or to encourage you to maintain positive thoughts. Each of us has a personal angel number.

If you happen to notice a particular sequence or number pattern, try to relax and open your mind. This will put you in a better frame of mind to receive the message being disseminated by your angel.

How do angel numbers work?

Now that you have a better understanding of what angel numbers are, you may be wondering “how do they work?” the answer to this question is quite simple – they work in many ways! As previously mentioned, you will find yourself coming across the same number pattern repeatedly.

For example, you may be checking out at the cash register and notice that your total is $5.25. You then exit the store and notice a vehicle license plate with 525. You proceed to look at the time on your watch or phone and it may be 5.25 p.m. Take note of this. Your angel is trying to reach you. You will continue to notice the pattern or sequence until you seek out answers. You may opt to ask someone what they mean or you could do some research online.

Since angels are not allowed to directly tell us what to do, it is their way of giving us a little push in the right direction. Whether we decide to heed their guidance or advice is a whole other story!

Why do Angels use numbers to guide us?

Angels are heavenly beings that operate at high frequencies. Since humans do not operate at those same frequencies, we are unable to see or speak to the angels directly. In an effort to get their messages across to us, the angels will use a variety of means including numbers, signs, and symbols to do so.

Numbers operate at similar vibrational frequencies as the angels and as such, they have become the preferred communication tool of the angels. Each number references something different which makes it easier to interpret the message being sent to you.

How to interpret angel numbers

According to numerology, each number has its own vibrational quality. Meanings are allocated to each number based on that quality. In order to correctly decipher a message from your angel, you would need to combine meanings of each number.

Here is a look at the full angel number index. When you see the numbers 0 to 9 in your angel number this is what they mean:

0 – Guidance from your angel awaits you. Put yourself in a frame of mind to receive the message. Also look at what numbers surround the 0. This will provide further guidance on what your angel wants to help you with.

1 – Focus on the positive things going on in your life as opposed to the negative. Stay focused on what you want to achieve, opportunities will arise that will help you bring your wants to live.

2 – Maintain a positive outlook and everything will be just fine. Try to be loving and kind toward others. The help you give will be multiplied by the universe.

3 – Your angels are always guiding you and protecting you. Keep this in mind as you go through life.

4 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your angel. Your angel is always waiting for you to call on him. Now is the time to establish the foundations that will help you achieve your dreams.

5 – Whenever you feel the need for positive changes in your life call on your angel. It is time to change directions from your current path or at least consider it.

6 – Call on your angel to help rid you of all worries and fears. Find a balance between your spiritual and material needs. See how you can be helpful to others.

7 – New opportunities are coming your way. Be on the lookout for them. You will gain greater insight into how things are going to manifest in your life.

8 – Your hard work has started paying off. You will soon reap the benefits of all the hard work you have been putting in.

9 – Everything you need to accomplish your goals is at your fingertips. Go bravely! You are about to close a phase or chapter of your life. A fresh start awaits you!

Once you have developed an understanding of your angel number, you are now in a better position to fully receive your angel’s guidance. Although a guide to deciphering the numbers was provided above, you should always try to use your intuition to determine what each number means to you.

In deciphering your angel number, also be mindful of your surroundings and thought processes are you notice the number. This may provide greater insight into the meaning of the message.

Another point to take note is the order of the numbers. Consecutive numbers like 567 should be deciphered by combining the individual meaning of each number.

Triple sequences like 888 have supercharged meanings, i.e. a single 8 means that you are about to reap the rewards of your hard work in one aspect of your life. A triple sequence of 8 would mean that this would take place in all aspects of your life.

For other number sequences such as 954, the fundamental message is embedded in the center number. You should also look at the surrounding numbers for supporting messages. In the above example of 954, the core message would be that change is imminent. The supporting messages are that you are about close certain chapters in your life with the full support of your angel.

You’ve stopped seeing angel numbers. What does it mean?

You will continue to receive messages through angel numbers until you have applied the guidance that your angel is trying to give you to your life. Once you have done so, you will find that you no longer see those sequences. This is because you may not need any guidance at this particular juncture in your life. However, fear not, your angel is waiting until you need guidance again to begin sending you those signals that you need again.

If you’re noticing angel numbers, be thankful as it means that you have an angel up above who is concerned about your wellbeing and is always looking out for you no matter what. Decipher your angel number and make the necessary adjustments to your life.

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