What Happens When Childhood Gender Stereotyping Infiltrates Adulthood?


Buzzfeed have done it again with yet another creatively funny original video showing why gender differentiation can be damaging. We loved the video they made showing some commercials where women are objectified, and reversed the roles to see how ridiculous over-sexualizing women for no reason is.

This latest round of awesome-ness from the content sharing site is a parody on what would happen if the same gender stereotyping which is taught to children was also forced upon adults. The result is pretty funny but it makes you re think the way we force boys to like blue and girls to like pink.

“We force kids into narrowly-defined gender roles from the time they’re born, but what it would look like if adults had to deal with the same thing?” says the website.

In the video we see a man and a woman who just started a new job. The company gives them laptops and they are color coded. You guessed it, the boy gets the blue and the girl gets the pink.

We also see scenes where the printer needs fixing and as the girl tries her hand at trouble shooting, her boss shoots over and says “No HE will fix it!”

There is another scene where two men are roughing each other up in the office while the women are having a meeting. One woman says “boys will be boys!” which is one of the most awful lines anyone could ever use to justify actions by men.

Should children be allowed to grow up in a gender neutral environment, or is it inevitable they are going to gravitate toward certain gender bias’ because of society and the media?

Check out the video below:


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