What This Victoria’s Secret SuperModel Would Do If She Was Ever Called “Fat”

doutzen kroes

In case you didn’t know it already, Victoria’s Secret ubermodel Doutzen Kroes is not only one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry, but also the fifth highest paid in the world. Yep! She’s kinda a big deal…

But there’s more than meets the eye with this Dutch beauty, starting with the fact she happily admits she is NOT a size zero, and doesn’t fit into most sample sized-clothing. Shock horror! Then how can she be a model? Well because she is a real woman and that’s what all the real women out there wanted to see represented on the catwalks, and pages of magazines: themselves!

The 28 year old mother to a 2 year old son Phyllon and wife of DJ Sunnery James spoke to the Telegraph in the UK showcasing the side of her you don’t normally see.

She has been modeling since the age of 18, and since being shot for the cover of Italian Vogue by Steven Meisel, her phone has not stopped ringing. So why is all this significant or even important? Because she is a healthy body advocate and one of the world’s biggest names!

She grew up in a modest Dutch household where riding to school everyday was her form of regular exercise. For her, eating right and staying active is the only way she knows to live a great life, and she lives by this mantra today. Being a Victoria’s Secret model means she is under contract to be ‘bikini ready’ all year round.

Doutzen uses all the attention she gets on the catwalk, on social media, in the press and in magazines as a way to spread her inspiring message to women. She is highly aware that being a model and what you see in pictures creates insecurities in many girls, and she is not a fan of it.

“I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity that some girls might have because of my job, that girls think they have to be that picture…I don’t look like that picture – I wake up not looking like that picture.”

In fact the only reason she uses social media is to promote her charity work for Dance4life a charity devoted to sex education and teaching safe sex to young people around the world. So far she has traveled to Thailand, Tanzania and right here in the states to Philadelphia. She has been an ambassador with the organization since 2009.

Doutzen Kroes

When it comes to exercise, especially leading up to the Victoria’s Secret runway each year, she does a variety of things. She stops drinking alcohol a month in advance, and likes to get fit doing boxing and ballet.

Despite all of this, Doutzen is proud of her body and that fact that she isn’t a size 0, nor does she plan on being any time soon.

The other thing she has a problem with is the fact a lot of runway shows use underage girls, whose bodies have not yet developed to model clothes meant for older women with different shapes.

“At some shows I know they have been using very young girls who have not gone into the change of the body yet – no hips, no boobs. I’m 28 and I’ve had a baby. I have a woman’s body…”

It only makes sense to use older girls, and herein lies the problem with the fashion industry, why it has created an anxiety epidemic amongst the female population everywhere. Thankfully new laws such as the one in New York State which not only protect the rights of underage models, but force companies, brands and photographers to go through a hell of a lot more paperwork if they want to use someone underage, means that we might see more real women on the catwalk and in turn alleviate these false images being portrayed.

So what would happen if Doutzen, since she isn’t a size zero, was ever told she was “too fat” to model the clothes? Simple: quit!

“If they think I’m too fat, I’d rather not do the job – because I am super-healthy and fit and I’m so happy the way I am.”

Yes! We love women who are at the top of their careers who don’t compromise when it comes to healthy living standards. It goes beyond just the exterior, which you think would be hard for someone whose entire income is dictated by her physical appearance. But hey, if being healthy and happy is perfectly fine for Doutzen Kroes, and she is willing to give it all up if ever asked to change herself, then it’s OK for us too.

Insecurities, make way for happiness.


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