Where To Find Fashionable Face Masks

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is always important, but right now it’s critical. For everyone’s protection, you’ll need face masks. Take care to get more than one, especially if you don’t have laundry facilities in your home as you’ll need to wash your mask after each wearing. If necessary, you can wash it by hand, but while it dries having a spare is a good idea.


You can easily put the three face masks for sale at Shirtspace to use for yourself and your household. These masks cover your face from nose to chin and loop over your ears. You can quickly wash them and hang your mask to dry overnight. Take care not to bleach these masks; soap and warm water will do.

Carolina K

You can get a variety of fabrics in the Carolina K Collection. These masks are all double-layer and formed to fit from the bridge of your nose to your chin.

Jeune Otte

If you struggle to tolerate anything looping over your ears, you might prefer masks from Jeune Otte. These masks are pleated as opposed to fitted and they loop around your neck and the back of your head. Take particular care when removing these masks to avoid touching your face with the outer layer of fabric.


Your Sanctuary Mask will loop over your ears and thus be simpler to remove. These masks come in a variety of prints including animal patterns and camouflage. A nose wire is built in to keep the mask close to your face.

St. John

You can also enjoy animal print face masks from St. John. When you buy from this company, the seller will ship antimicrobial masks to people in need. Tiger stripes make this mask unique.

Lykke Wullf

The gingham masks from Lykke Wullf are zero waste and loop around the back of the neck and at the back of the head for the most comfort. For each purchase, one will be donated to someone in need.


No matter how you need to wear your mask, Araks offers a great deal of flexibility. These pleated masks are built to tie, rather than a loop, so you can tie it around your head or just tie it to loop around your ears. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics to coordinate easily with whatever you’re wearing.

Rag & Bone

The pinstripe Rag & Bone mask is well suited to the professional look. Proceeds from these masks will go to support local first responders and food banks.

Rent the Runway

When you buy 5 Rent the Runway masks, 5 will be donated to those in need. These simple pleated masks are available in a wide variety of recycled fabrics and are designed to be looped around the ear for easy removal.

Nili Lotan

You can quickly tie your elegantly striped Nili Lotan mask for comfort and protection. This mask is pleated for flexibility and expansion and can be tied at the neck and the back of the head.

Misa Los Angeles

The set of three facemasks from Misa Los Angeles are pleated and designed to be tied at the neck and the back of the head. While you won’t get a color choice, you can be sure that the patterns will look great and provide you and your loved ones with protection.

The Tie Bar

The navy blue set of 5 patterned face masks from Navy Blue is just what the professional person needs to navigate the office in safety and style. These masks are cotton blends, machine washable, and designed to loop over the ear.


If you’re buying face masks, it’s a good idea to keep an extra in your car. If you forget your mask at work or at home, you’ll have one if you need to stop. 

Additionally, carrying a handbag with you can also be convenient. When you take off your washable mask, take care to only handle it by the loops or the ties. Don’t touch the fabric at the front, but put the mask in the bag for storage until you can wash it.

The same goes for those who choose to wear gloves as an extra precaution. Put them on before you enter the store, then remove them and place them in your bag or the trash before touching your vehicle, cell phone, or face.

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