Why A Food Processor Is A “Must Have” Kitchen Item

Cooking can be challenging when you do not understand the tools at your disposal. Whether you already own those tools or not, knowing what they do and what their advantages are can completely change the way you cook and eat. One such tool is a food processor. To understand it, you have to look at how it compares to other tools.

A Food Processor Versus a Juicer

There are several differences between a food processor and a juicer. One is that a juicer usually needs to be fed one fruit or vegetable at a time. You can place several ingredients in a food processor and then blend them. Another is that a juice is strictly for juice extraction. On the other hand, a food processor works with each whole ingredient added. It does not extract juice from those ingredients. Although, its design usually causes any liquids to be pushed outward from its center.

A Food Processor Versus a Blender

A blender tends to blend everything inserted into it evenly. It also distributes liquids within what it blends evenly. A food processor does not produce the same even mixtures or liquid distribution. When looking for the best food processor options and recipes you can make, be aware of that. The mixtures made with a food processor are often more dry and contain chunks of food, not food with a perfectly smooth consistency. That is why dough is never made in a blender but can sometimes be made in a food processor.

A Food Processor Produces Fast Results

Speed is a huge advantage of a food processor. So is accuracy, especially regarding chopping. Consider what happens when you try to slice a vegetable like an onion yourself. It may take a lot of time and you may risk injuring yourself. A food processor does its job safely in seconds with the push of a button. That saves you time and aggravation.

Food Processors Chop and Dice Evenly 

When you chop or dice a vegetable by hand, there is a lot of room for human error. It is hard to get the cuts just right, especially as an amateur chef. If you can get the cuts right, it probably takes a lot of time and concentration to do so. The speed and accuracy of a food processor allows you to produce professional looking dishes for friends and family in a fraction of the time.

You Can Do More with a Food Processor

Some appliances, such as juicers, are helpful. However, they are also uniquely specialized for performing clearly outlined tasks. A food processor is a jack-of-most-trades appliance. It’s not great for making smoothies, but it can help you make everything from cookie batter to salads. Certain soups could even be created using ingredients processed in a food processor. It can grate cheese, chop vegetables, grind coffee beans, and much more. That is why it is almost always a good investment when you plan to do any cooking at all.

Food Processor Traits to Look For

Some food processors are designed for light, temporary use. Others are well-built machines that can last for many years. It is important to select a food processor that does everything you want and has long-lasting capabilities, if you want to make the most of your money. Check the power output, construction and blade strength to verify it will last. Also, look for clear cut buttons indicating what to when using the food processor, such as a button for pulsed processing. Other features, such as detachable blades for certain specific purposes, including dough making, might also make a food processor fit your needs better.

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