Why Advocating Girls’ Education Is No-Brainer For Freida Pinto


As part of CNN’s Girl Rising Doco and movement, they asked many celebrities and well-known people to contribute open letters to girls everywhere, giving their own impassioned plea on the importance of education. Specifically, the movement is raising awareness of the lack of education in third world countries for young girls.

Educating our women around the world is very important. We we don’t know, then we can’t do. Unfortunately in some countries, education is something that is like gold, hard to attain and not everyone has access to it.

Freida Pinto, Slumdog Millionaire actress and Plan International Embassador gave her thoughts and reasons as to why she wants girls everywhere to have an education in an open letter to CNN. Coming from a country like India where women aren’t always treated with the dignity they deserve, she has a first hand account of what it means to be one of those fortunate few who are able to rise above it.

“First of all I have to say: Congratulations! We have all come a long way from once being mistakenly called the inferior sex. I remember the first time I read Aristotle’s view that a female is an incomplete male, “or as it were, a deformity.” I was really offended and furious. The first thing that popped in my mind was, “We have to prove all our detractors wrong.” But we definitely can’t do that with 60 million of our girls out of school! So yes, we have come a long way, but we are still not there yet.”

She stresses the important of education being a major reason to decrease the number of poverty, teenage pregnancies and early marriages.

“An educated girl will marry later, will have fewer and healthier children, will educate her daughters, will be self-sufficient and, most importantly, will have a voice. She will not only dream but also realize her dreams of becoming whoever she wants to be.”

Her letter was written not just about these less fortunate girls, but to us, the educated, the rich, and the empowered women (and men) in the western hemisphere who can use our resources and voices to make a difference. If we don’t speak up for the weak, who will? We were born in wealth for a reason, and it is our duty to reach out our hands in whatever way possible.

“We need to use our educated voices to raise awareness in our families, communities, countries and the world and say we cannot and will not ignore our sisters anymore. They have the same rights as we do, and there can be no discrimination. We can and must hold our governments accountable and ask them to give us the answers and results we deserve.”

It’s easy to forget and take advantage of the everyday privileges we as women have in the 21st century in free countries. Most of us don’t know the pain of oppression and suffering like some of these girls. In some cases, just being a female means you are automatically a second or third-class citizen. We’re not saying you all have to sell your possessions and open an orphanage in India, although if you do, check out the work of iSanctuary and get in touch with them!

But each of us has a passion, a platform and a voice to say something, and say it loud! Whether it be a blog, a video, a letter to your local education board, becoming a journalist to raise awareness and report on issues like this, helping out in your community, or even as simply as helping a young girl next door with her homework. Do something that counts, and sow seeds of power into the next generation of women.



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