Why Every Woman Should Be Familiar With Mammography

Breast cancer is very common among women, and in the early stages it may be difficult to detect external symptoms. However, there are a few ways in which you can detect it easily. One option is mammography. Mammography is a screening test with the help of which, breast cancer lumps can be detected during the early stages. That is why it is important to use mammography in order to detect any lumps.

Many women are concerned that after the age of 40, there can be a high probability of getting a lump formed in the breasts. Only when these lumps are treated at the initial stages, they do not have a negative impact on your health. The spread of cancer can be limited to a greater extent. This is where mammography comes into the picture.

There are quite a few reasons why women should be familiar with mammography.

1. Detection at an early stage:

One of the main advantages of mammography is that breast cancer can be detected at an early stage. This ensures that you are able to start the treatment pretty soon enough. This is the primary reason why you should be aware of Mammography and why you should opt for it from time to time.

2. Increase the survival rate:

With the help of mammography, breast cancer can be detected at an early stage and the casualties can be avoided. This is because, during the early stages, the effectiveness of the treatment increases significantly. As a result, the lump can be treated without any problem at all. It does not have that much negative impact on the body of the victim. As a result, not only the survival rate is improved, but also the health is prevented from getting deteriorated.

3. It can potentially help you avoid chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is useful for eliminating the cancerous cells in the body. It is useful in the case of breast cancer. However, chemotherapy has its own side effects. It can lead to hair loss and reduced weight. It can have a drastic impact on your appetite and on your weight. That is why, as far as possible you have to avoid chemotherapy. The only way in which you can do so is when you detect cancer types like breast cancer in advance.

Mammography helps you in exactly doing so. It can detect the lump in your breast during the early stages. Thus, you can use treatments other than chemotherapy in order to eliminate that lump. This means that not only you will be able to avoid chemotherapy, but all the side effects which come along with it. In the longer term, it can help you to maintain your health by not only skipping chemotherapy, but also by diagnosing and treating breast cancer at a much earlier stage.

4. Easy to monitor the health of your breasts:

With the help of mammography, it will be very easy for you to monitor the health of your breasts. You have to ideally opt for at least one screening every 2 years. This will allow you to detect breast cancer in time. Thus, it can help you to detect things like blood clots. This ensures that you are able to consistently not just monitor, but improve your breast health.

Increasingly, more and more women opt for regular mammography. The awareness is certainly increasing. This has given rise to the high demand of professionals in their radiology field. Fortunately, there are many colleges which provide radiology education to interested applicants. Thus, the skill power needed to tackle the increasing awareness of mammography is available.

5. Non-invasive screening:

The screening is non-invasive in nature. Additionally, it does not require a lot of time. In most of the cases, it is over within 20 minutes. There is no discomfort. These are just some of the advantages of mammography. Also, the radiation exposure is minimal. No matter which way you look at it, mammography only provides you with numerous benefits rather than any side effects. It is entirely safe which means that you will be able to opt for mammography regularly without any problem at all. It does not require any kind of recovery either. You can continue with your normal schedule for the day after the procedure of mammography has been completed.

In addition to that, it can help you reduce your anxiety when it comes to breast cancer. You can be 100% sure that you do not suffer from breast cancer. This can be a big relief for many women. This is one of the main reasons why this non-invasive screening is actually a must after the age of 40. With more and more hospitals incorporating mammography machines in their radiology department, you can easily find a hospital near you where you can get it done. Thus, it is completely comfortable and chances are you will be able to get it done at a hospital near you without having to travel a lot.

So, with the increasing threat of breast cancer, it is important that more and more women become familiar with mammography. With the help of mammography, they will be able to detect breast cancer in time and work towards initiating the treatment as soon as possible in order to limit the damage of the cancerous cells in your body. This is where mammography really helps.

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