Why More Women Should Become Property Investors

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… the more you learn, the more you’ll earn.” – Warren Buffett.

During the end of 2018, UK property specialists RWinvest noticed a significant rise in the number of female investors and a further increase in the number of women displaying an interest in buy to let investment. This may be because women are generally less likely to make high-risk investments, suggested by King’s College London. Instead, they opt for a more stable business plan, such as buy to let property, as opposed to riskier stocks and shares when it comes to investing their hard-earned cash. 

In this post, we look at why more women should become property investors and what it means for the future of females in this business, from the chance to develop expertise, to becoming their own boss and reaching their financial goals much more quickly. Read on to find out more on why women should start building their property portfolio today!

‘Give a woman a fish and feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and feed her and her offspring forever…’

Gives You the Opportunity to Learn New Skills

If you choose to invest in property, not only will you have the opportunity to work for yourself and reach your financial goals sooner, but you’ll also be able to put your ‘lockdown learning’ to good use, and upskill, transfer existing skills, or learn new ones to aid you with your investments. According to the Harvard Business Review, the majority of women control spending in most categories of consumer goods, taking control of household expenditure. 

In general, women tend to be more cautious with their money when it comes to investing. They’re likely to spend more time on research and look for investments with lower risks. Women usually turn their attention to investing over a long period of time, rather than looking for short term investments that carry much higher risks, as they’re more sensitive to the needs of the family.

As women usually prefer to take control of finances, they tend to opt for a more hands-on investment, as they’re able to manage the property themselves and make decisions based on what’s best for them and their families. A buy to let property investment can be less risky, and offers plenty of skills that can be transferred into your current job role from, research and critical thinking, to planning and budgeting, communicating, and managing profits and expenses.

Become Your Own Boss

Gender inequality has led to the rise of female entrepreneurs. A recent survey concluded that 72% of women aspire to open their own business, as many successful females who are excelling in their careers and management roles now have the financial freedom to look into investing their money – whether it be to turn a passion into a small business or invest in real estate. 

One of the many reasons women may look to becoming their own boss could be because of the gender pay gap, or due to the lack of respect received in the workplace. It comes as no surprise that women are seeking out additional ways to make money and eventually answer to themselves as their own boss. Entrepreneurs hold the power to make their own decisions and can be flexible with their hours, whilst paying themselves a fair wage, making property investment an appealing way to generate income and maximise your return on investment.

Reach Financial Goals Sooner

By investing in property, it should help you to reach your financial goals much more quickly, whether you’re wanting an extra holiday or looking to increase the retirement pot for the future. Whatever the reason, property investment is one of the most lucrative investments you can make. Buy to let property investment can provide you with not just one, but two forms of income. Rental returns can supply you with extra cash flow to increase the number of holidays you take per year, and capital appreciation can give you the long-term pay-out on your property when it comes to retiring. 

Property investment not only maximizes your returns, but it’s considered one of the more reliable ways for savvy investors to earn passive income – allowing you to make money without the need to work.

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