Why Skin Care Products Are Important For Women

The skin is a very delicate part of the body, especially the skin on the face. In our modern world where the air quality is less than ideal and our diets don’t necessarily give us all of the nutrients we need, it is essential to have a quality skin care regimen to keep your skin radiant and luscious for years to come.

The skin is technically considered an organ, one of the biggest in the human body at that. Blackheads, whiteheads, and premature wrinkling are some of the main problems faced by women in modern times with regards to their skin.

Everybody wants to have radiant, supple skin but not everybody is willing to put in the work required to achieve it. While you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to the airbrushed perfection of beauty magazines, it is obvious when you look into a crowd of people who needs a bit more help than others.

Why does this phenomenon occur at all? Well, here’s what the skin has to contend with on a daily basis:

Without enough moisture provided by water and the natural oils in the skin (also referred to as sebum), the skin will look stretched out and at worst even cracked due to the reduced elasticity caused by dehydrated skin. When the uppermost layer of skin is dried out, your complexion will appear duller and wrinkles will appear more pronounced. Using skin care products like moisturizers are the quickest way to correct any dehydration issues.

Moisturizers are often necessary because the humidity of your surrounding environment isn’t always at ideal conditions for healthy skin, so you’ll have to compensate with some form of skin care product. No matter how well you control the humidity of your home, if you leave the house regularly you’ll have to contend with either overly dry conditions caused by cold weather or the overly humid ones caused by warm weather.

2. Oxidation

The oxidation of skin is one the main drivers of aging in women. Things like UV light and foreign chemicals can increase the amount of free-radicals in your skin cells and lead to skin that looks wrinkled and droopy. Finding a quality cream with antioxidants in it will help protect your skin against the damaging effects of free radicals and are typically bundled in with moisturizing or other forms of lotions/creams so their effect on your skin will be two-fold. If not properly accounted for, the stressors in your environment will age your skin at a much faster rate than had you applied some antioxidants.

3. Cleanliness

Dirt can become trapped in the pores of the skin and result in an uneven complexion or even blackheads. Exfoliating creams and cleansers are necessary to rid your skin of dead skin cells as well as remove debris from deep in your pores. An exfoliating cream contains small abrasive beads that will help you shed off the top layer of your skin that is primarily made up of dead skin cells. Don’t overdo it, however. If you exfoliate too much you risk removing too many layers of skin and making the problem worse.

Another aspect of cleanliness when it comes to caring for your face is ensuring that all of your makeup is properly removed at the end of the day. Investing in a quality cleansing oil that’s both effective for makeup removal on the skin but doesn’t add new harmful chemicals is essential. Many women fail to adequately remove their makeup after a long day and this contributes to blocked pores and unwanted detritus staying around for much longer than intended.

In Conclusion

For the above reasons, having a fully comprehensive skin care regimen can mean the difference between aging gracefully or considering botox/expensive cosmetic surgeries later in life. Your skin is your barrier from the outside world, you should do everything in your power to protect it so it stays as beautiful as possible.

A fully comprehensive skin care regimen might seem daunting at first, but if you pick up products one by one and slowly integrate them into your routine there will be minimal extra stress added to your daily routine. Its your skin after all, it’s up to you to take proper care of it.

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