Why Strength Training Is An Important Practice For Women

Strength training is a beneficial practice that has been impacting individuals for centuries. Although this was a common practice for men, it wasn’t until a few decades ago that women began integrating strength training into their regular exercise routines. Weight lifting has many benefits beyond muscle toning. Whether it’s a five minute session or a 45 minute workout, there are many benefits that this habit will have on your overall physical and mental health. In this article, we will discuss some of the major benefits of strength training for women.

1: Decreases the Chances of Future Injury and Disease

Strengthening muscles reduces the risk of injury and disease. Weighted exercises help to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, and get rid of the fat around the heart. These changes decrease the risk of procuring heart disease at an older age. When you weight train just a couple of times a week, you will begin to reap these benefits. In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, exercise decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis. More than any other form of activity, weight lifting increases bone density. Increased bone density solidifies the bones so that they can remain sturdy throughout the entire lifespan.

2: Reduces Anxiety

All forms of exercise can contribute to lower levels of anxiety. Any format of exercise produces cortisol in the body, but some produce more than others. Intense aerobic exercises may inversely heighten anxiety levels because they create an overwhelming amount of cortisol. Consistently exercising at a moderate level produces the amount of cortisol needed to balance anxiety while still pushing the body to accomplish the tasks at hand. In addition to balancing cortisol levels, weight training allows you to release the tension and stress that you are physically holding on to. When these tensions are reduced, there will be less factors contributing to anxiety and insomnia.

3: Improves Muscle Strength and Toning

By increasing the mass of your muscles, your metabolism will increase. Increased metabolism allows your body to burn more calories throughout the entire day. When your muscles get stronger, your cardiovascular performance will have the capacity to improve. As you gain muscle, you will lose body fat.

Practical Application

Whether you are at a Crossfit gym or browsing for engagement rings online, there are ways that you can integrate strength training into your everyday routine. 

You don’t have to dedicate a huge portion of your day to strengthening your muscles. In just a few minutes, you can integrate bodyweight and weight lifting exercises into your day to day routine.

Strength training is a practice that all women should integrate into their daily routine. Through weight lifting, you can decrease your chance of injury in the future. Strengthening helps to balance the levels throughout your entire body. When levels are balanced, anxiety levels will decrease. You do not have to train rigorously to see results, your body will benefit from participating in a strength workout a few times a week.

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