Women In Bangladesh Riding Ahead Of Men In Technology

In a country where only 5 million of 152 million people have Internet access, it’s exciting to see that women are being targeted as recruits for this growing industry there.

The basic model is women are employed and taught all about computers, the Internet, printers and a camera and helped with loans to buy bikes. These ladies ride with all their equipment into remote Bangladeshi villages helping tens of thousands of people- especially women- connect to the worldwide web, get access to resources and of course chat with loved ones.

It is called ‘The Info Ladies Project’ and was started in 2008 by a company called D.Net. “This way we are providing jobs to jobless women and at the same time empowering villagers with critical information,” said Ananya Raihan, D.Net’s executive director.

But it’s not just skype and social media these women are peddling for villagers. They also utilize their positions to engage local teenage girls to talk with them about taboo subjects such as HIV, contraception, menstruation hygiene, and healthcare in general. They also talk to farmers about the correct use of fertilizer and insecticides. And for 12 cents they help students fill college application forms online. They’re even trained to test blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

The Info ladies are both entrepreneurs and Public Service providers to remote parts of a country where they don’t have the luxury of accessibility like we do in the western hemisphere.
Info Lady Sathi Akhtar (pictured) says “We are not only earning money, we are also contributing in empowering our women with information. That makes us happy.”

How inspiring to see that even a group of women with limited resources are being empowered and equipped to live their best life. They can work, provide services and give back their their communities and feel satisfied in what they do.

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea you are trying to get off the ground? Share it with us below and how it will impact women in your community or the world.


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