World’s Best Female Chess Player Broke Records At 15 As The Youngest Grandmaster Ever!

Her name is Judit Polgar, and she is now 36. But she is also the only woman in the Top 100 chess players in the world, and reached the Top 10 before she had two children! Now I’ll be the first to admit I am not a chess fan nor am I skilled in this strategic [game? sport?] at all.

But I can respect a woman who will march to the beat of her own drum, and use her skills and talents to become something great. She tells the UK Guardian how she started played from age 5 against adults, most of whom were men. She never had a desire to compete only for the women’s titles, but had her sights set on being the best in the world regardless of gender.

Judit was introduced to the chess world by her father Laszlo who was conducting an experiment on his three daughters Judit, Susan and Sofia. He wanted to prove geniuses were made not born, and boy did he prove that! But the girls, born and raised in Budapest, never felt like they were being forced into anything, as they began to enjoy the game and were bitten by the competitive spirit. Judit went on to win her first international competition at 9 years of age.

As she grew up and continued competing, she managed to successfully juggle having two children, started a chess foundation in Hungary, and even developed educational programs based on chess. The program uses chess as a tool to develop cognitive thinking and problem solving skills in children. One of the reasons she loves being an advocate for women in chess is that it creates some buzz for a sport that is rather starved of media attention. Most young women don’t necessarily think of chess as a sexy of even entertaining pastime.

She hopes her story and achievements will encourage more women around the world to get involved in chess playing from a young age. I can say she has gotten my attention and I hope you reading this will be inspired to hear about a woman making waves in an industry normally dominated by males.

Do you have a passion for something but feel you don’t have a chance because the odds are against you? How will Judit’s story inspire you to persevere and believe in yourself?

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