World’s First Team Of Pregnant Superheroes Celebrating Motherhood This Mother’s Day

Viera Boudreau

As we gear up for another annual Mother’s Day here in the United States, we wanted to do something a little than talk about the typical gifts we give to our moms, or partake in the unavoidable commercialism of the day which actually has nothing to do with celebrating motherhood. So when we came across this badass team of comic book characters that give heroism a whole new perspective, we felt it was the perfect story for us to sahre this year!

The team behind Summer Infant, a baby brand based in the US, have created a line of pregnant superheroes based on real life women, which they want to see make the leap to the big screen someday, and are asking Marvel to take notice of their creations. The characters were drawn by comic artist Viera Boudreau.

Viera Boudreau
Viera Boudreau

“Dear Marvel, you helped blaze a trail with Jessica Drew, a pregnant Spider-Woman. Now we’re asking you to join forces and help us deliver the world’s first team of all-pregnant superheroes. We believe every mom is a hero. By looking within and having the right equipment in their arsenals, they can become superheroes,” said the Super Infant team in a press release about the MOM Squad, which made up of the following superheroes:

Agent Momitor
Even in the dead of night, Agent Momitor detects movement and sound from her baby’s room with supersonic vision and hearing. Agent Momitor is based on Steph Herron Rice from Boston, author of A Little Too Loud.

Viera Boudreau
Viera Boudreau

Professor Potty
Professor Potty goes above and beyond to make sure every child is properly potty-trained – with a little help from her secret weapon and a great deal of patience. Professor Potty is based on Tammy from Washington, D.C, author of A Loyal Love.

The MotherLoad
Able to carry anything children need while out and about, The MotherLoad is always prepared for any situation. The MotherLoad is based on Patty Osorio from Washington, D.C., author of Patty’s Kloset.

Viera Boudreau
Viera Boudreau

AquaMom has the power to calm and control the waters at bath time, making cleanup a splash. Aquamom is based on Jasmine from Detroit, author of Living For Jasmine.

One of the reasons we love these Pregnant Superheroes and the notion of celebrating everyday mothers is because of the way American moms are somewhat sidelined legislatively, compared to other countries. We are the only developed nation in the world not to have any federal paid leave policy, although a few states are now introducing limited versions of their own.

America is also sadly home to the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world. While the numbers of mothers dying in childbirth or from childbirth-related complications are decreasing elsewhere, ours are increasing, and there is no major state or federal bill being introduced to tackle this systemic issue.

Viera Boudreau

A recent report found that the gender wage gap has one major overlooked factor that doesn’t get talked about enough – discrimination toward women who are pregnant or who have children. These stats are just the tip of the iceberg. While a pregnant superhero team isn’t enough to change legislation, it can challenge and influence culture and the way our society thinks toward mothers.

There needs to be a movement to shift the narrative about motherhood being some sort of “setback” into something that is an essential part of humanity and our economy. Summer Infant VP of Brand Marketing, Jen Johnson, hopes the MOM Squad will play a role in making this shift.

“We believe every mom is a hero. By portraying real moms as superhero characters, Summer Infant’s goal is to celebrate the strength and beauty of motherhood,” she said.

This Mother’s Day, let’s take our celebrations one step further toward advocacy. It begins with acknowledging that mothers are heroic and are the backbone of families. The coolest part of the MOM Squad is that these are superheroes that literally do exist in real life. Get to know the world’s first team of pregnant superheroes below:



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