Writing About Dating In A Culture Where Relationships Are Taboo

Technology has made the world a global village and people have been brought together in many ways. People can interact online while they are a world apart. The beauty of this is that you can travel virtually to regions that you have never been to and learn a lot. By this we mean reading about other places and the cultural practices that they keep.

Likewise, it is possible to virtually meet people from different parts of the world and interact without leaving your couch. That is the power of technology like smartphones and laptops. High internet connectivity provides a medium for these collaborations. We currently have numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many dating sites that bring people together even for a deeper interaction.

Also, as you enjoy the many publications about relationships in different parts of the world, there is an author who had to carefully research and write without misleading people. It is even hard for them to write about dating in a culture that considers relationships as a taboo.

Cultures Where Relationships Are Taboo

South Asia has many countries that see dating as a taboo. Thus, people from there have almost nothing to tell the world about this. Such countries still practice arranged marriages and women are highly protected. In some of these states, it is hardly possible to see a woman walking alone or in the company of a man who is not a relative. Some are even confined at home so that they do not work in an environment that has men. Even more surprising is that some countries do not allow women to drive vehicles. If all of these activities are off-limits to women, then even relating with them is a big challenge. In fact, relationships are not condoned.

Restaurants are full of family members rather than lovebirds since they cannot be together openly. Although is hard to change these deep-rooted cultures, a few people go against the norm and go on secret dates. Writers would be looking to tell the world how these courageous people defied the taboos to enjoy life.

Writing About Dating

Writing about dating in such cultures is as challenging as dating itself. Therefore, you will not find writers writing for a national newspaper or popular blog in the country. But if they have a story, they will still tell it using platforms that are open to everyone. But as they do this, they have to be cautious. Here are popular channels they use.

Dating sites – This is a popular platform to either share a personal story or tell someone about a friend or another person that you know.If they have been dating online or through a popular dating sites, it will even be easier. The entire world will appreciate knowing that people from these cultures also enjoy relationships in their own ways. Although the respective countries may be against this, there is nothing much they can do. Some try to block accessibility of these websites, but people can still collect stories in hardcopy and post them from different locations.

Social media platforms – Today, it is almost impossible to avoid social media regardless of where you are from. Millennials from the regions we have discussed find it easy to interact and date on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thus, writers will also appreciate writing their love stories based on such situations. And we cannot forget the many personal experiences that people write as they request the world to intervene for more freedom in humanity. However, they use a lot of caution to avoid mentioning names and specific accounts to avoid victimizing these people.

Private Blog Networks – The world has many PBNs that are run by bold bloggers. Some are dedicated to publishing stories of people who have been struggling to have a relationship in countries that consider it as a taboo. It could be through personal experiences, poetry, or any other writing style. PBNs that are popular around the world have helped people to understand more about such cultures.

Precautions to Take

As a writer of love stories and relationships in areas where these are taboo, you have to remain anonymous. Otherwise, you might be considered as a controversial writer. In fact, this will be the beginning of your troubles. Some writers in these regions have been forced to seek asylum in foreign countries in fear of their lives.

However, this does not deter them from writing more and more. Some have mastered the art of sharing this information with the world and even seeking their opinions on the matter. You have probably come across blogs or social media platforms that exclusively focus on these matters. People appreciate and enjoy them to the core.


In the near future, we expect these cultures to ease up and allow young people to enjoy responsible relationships. But as of now, everyone, including writers, have to bear with the situation and write their stories while taking precautions.

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