“You Don’t Have To Be Stick Thin To Be Beautiful” Says UK Pageant Queen

Elena Raouna

22 year old Yorkshire, UK girl Elena Raouna has just taken home the title of ‘Miss Curvy Britain‘ 2013, which was held on Saturday June 22. She decided to enter the competition on a whim while browsing the internet one day.

“I was browsing Facebook one night in January and saw the event, read the instructions, uploaded a photo and thought ‘why not’, so I gave it a go and didn’t think anything of it,” Elena tells The Daily Mail. “The next thing I know I get a phone call saying I’d been selected and they wanted me to come for an interview – and it was a whirlwind from there.”

Elena is an unlikely here for many girls with body issues, but it has taken a while for her to find her strength. She was bullied for her curvy size in high school, and works at her family Fish n Chip shop in Doncaster.

During her school years she had no confidence in her body and hated the fact that she inherited what she calls “the big bum gene” from her Cypriot family. But eventually she started getting involved in local beauty pageants which she counts as a big reason for her boost in self-esteem and acceptance of her body.

While Elena tells the mail she has no intention of giving up her day job at the Fish n Chip shop which she loves, she said she wants to use her win to inspire young girls who have concerns about their weight to be more confident and not to let anything stand in the way of their dreams.

Elena Raouna

“‘I really wanted to hammer home that you don’t have to be so small to be a model, you can be pretty and plus size at the same time. If I can give girls who struggle with their weight the confidence that everyone is beautiful in their different ways, inside and out, then that is great for me.”

Instead of trying to change her body to look like someone else and cave into pressure from the media and celebrities, she has a different approach to maintaining a healthy body image.
“I put on a bikini for the first time only last year on holiday, and I have always loved food, but my motto to bullies is “If you don’t like it, don’t look”, it’s as simple as that! I was bullied in school but used to laugh it off, and now I am using my size to my advantage and my confidence has only grown stronger.”
Aside from the physical aspect of her win, she wants to be a representative for all the girls out there who have regular jobs and regular lives. “I am proud to represent curvy women all over Britain and to prove you don’t need a glamorous job to enter a pageant.”

Majestic Models in the UK are the group who launched the campaign, telling Vogue Magazine “The goal of the contest is to replace the idea that skinny is cool, and to enhance the status of physical well being tied to a positive, self-accepting attitude towards the body.”
Elena won a modeling contract, a professional photo shoot session for her portfolio and designer clothes and accessories. But most of all she is just another beautiful girl who is showing the fashion industry and vulnerable, self-conscious women out there that every woman has a right to feel beautiful and to celebrate the way they look without feeling ostracized in any way.
Congrats Elena!
Miss Curvy UK


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