Young Musician Encourages Teen Girls To Go “All The Way”

Samia Najimy Finnerty

All the way to Veganism that is! Get ya filthy minds out of the gutter peeps!

Peta, known for their risque advertising campaigns are at it again, this time they are aiming their social-good guns at teenagers.

They have enlisted the help of 16 year old singer-songwriter Samia Najimy Finnerty, daughter of actress Kathy Najimy and musician Dan Finnerty (of The Dan Band fame). No guesses as to where her performance skills came from then…

PETA normally waits until people turn 18 before asking them to star in a “provocative” campaign, but not this time. The campaign is designed to educate teen girls and boys on “going all the way” for the sake of animals. As in, being a vegetarian isn’t good enough, become vegan.

While becoming vegan, or vegetarian for that matter, is a personal choice, it is good to be educated and become more aware of the food we consume on a daily basis.

After watching documentaries Forks over Knives and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, there is more to the Vegan diet than just celebrity fads and trends.

It’s super cool to see a teen girl, obviously growing up under the influence of superstar parents who are raising her right. She would rather use her talents and celebrity status to promote something positive than follow other famous women and girls who aren’t exactly taking their role model status and public image seriously.

During the photo shoot for the campaign, Samia explained, “I went vegan two years ago … because I saw a bunch of videos of how animals were being treated and how they were getting milk from cows and eggs from chickens, and I feel it’s almost worse than them killing the animals because their life is so torturous before they die.”

Hey teen girls listen up! Whether you choose to follow in Samia’s footsteps and become Vegan or not (we highly suggest you try and consider it) we also think you should be counting her as an aspirational role model to have. Check out her music and some of her live performances on her Youtube Channel.

It’s awesome to see the next generation standing for something. While you may not be interested in animals rights or veganism, whatever you are passionate about, it can lead to something extraordinary if you pursue it.

No pressure Samia, but you are doing great things and we encourage you to continue standing up for your passions. If more young women were like you, encouraging your peers to use their talents and brains for something important, perhaps we can give future generations something to look forward to in this world.

Also, your mom and dad rock!

Dan Finnerty, Samia, Kathy Najimy




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