Youtube Makeup Star Talia Joy To Release Clothing Line


13 year old beauty Talia Joy Castellano has captured the hearts of many women and girls around the world. She is a cancer patient who shot to fame after her popular Youtube makeup tutorial videos caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres and she appeared on the show, sharing her amazing story in September 2012.

To date her Youtube Channel ‘TaliaJoy18’ has had over 40 million views and she doesn’t look to slow down any time soon! She has been fighting cancer almost half her life, as she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2007. Last year she had to undergo a bone marrow transplant as the cancer progressed and she is now in the pre-leukemia, but Talia doesn’t even bat an eye lid and refuses to let a medical problem slow her life down!

She was named as an honorary Covergirl by Ellen DeGeneres, also a representative of the makeup brand, and now it looks like Talia is expanding her beauty resume to fashion designer.


She coined the slogan ‘makeup is my wig’ and has been getting a lot of attention from the fashion and beauty world. One of the people who immediately wanted to connect with Talia was designer Urbana Chappa.

“I saw Talia on the Ellen show and I was very touched by her story,” Chappa tells PEOPLE of their collaboration. “Being a cancer survivor, it was close to home for me … I saw on her bucket list she wanted to be a designer, so I decided to help her do it. When she got the email she was so excited … When I was in Florida these past days revealing the collection, her heart monitor beeped so fast because she was so happy about seeing her designs come to life.”


Urbana seems to be the perfect person to team up and help Talia, as her brand and personal story definitely resonate with hers. Her apparel line ‘Maison De Urbana’ was born out of her desire to empower women to voice their individuality in style. This is exactly what Talia Joy is doing with her makeup tutorial videos.

Says Chappa of their partnership, “I didn’t feel I was working with a teenager! She has a great work ethic [and] she knows what she likes.”

The clothing line is called ‘That Bald Chick‘ and Talia hopes to eventually see it being sold in major retailers like Target and be seen on the catwalks in Paris. She will be keeping fans updated on the progress of the line on her youtube channel, but Urbana and Talia hope to be releasing something in a few months.


We love that Talia’s website homepage details her skills as 100% Makeup Artist, 100% Fighter, and 100% Awesome! Her story continues to inspire us in so many ways. No doubt her illness limits her in certain ways, but she never allows this to stop her doing what she is most passionate about. Talia is determined to live her life to the full, and make the most of however long she may have on this earth.

We hope and pray for a miracle cure, and that stories like hers will continue to inspire other cancer patients, as well as medical experts to continue working hard to find a cure. For all the other cancer patients out there, especially women, who are afraid to be seen without a wig or without your hair, let Talia’s beauty and grace be a word of encouragement to you today. Don’t be ashamed of what you look like because of what you are suffering right now. You are still beautiful and unique, and this is exactly the reason Talia refuses to wear a wig. To empower other women to be proud of who they are.

We can’t wait to see That Bald Chick clothing line, in the meantime watch the moment Ellen met Talia and named her an honorary Covergirl:

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