Youtube Star Laci Green Slams Sexual Objectification Of Women In The Media


If you haven’t subscribed to Youtuber Laci Green’s channel, perhaps this video will easily persuade you to do so. Unlike the many young girls out there who try to gain social media following by stripping off and objectifying themselves, Laci is not only doing the opposite, but is using her platform of over 700k subscribers to encourage girls to do the opposite. Wahoo!

Following on from Caroline Heldman’s eye-opening Ted Talk about how sexual objectification is probably the worst thing ever in the history of the world for women, Laci also breaks down the difference between men and women on the topic of sexualization in the media. Warning: it’s not pretty (or sexy-see what we did there?!)

In the video below called ‘Sex Object BS’ (seems appropriate) she starts of by defining what an object is: something that has no power and is acted upon by someone/something else. By allowing ourselves to be sexual objects, we effectively give up our power as women, and falsely retain some sort of control thinking we own our sexuality, but in fact it is the opposite.

Laci goes on to talk about how men are raised to be sexual subjects (the ones who act upon others) and women, by being fed a steady diet of “you’re not good enough” messages from the media, fashion and advertising industries, are taught to be sexual objects. We are consequently taught things such as men and women can’t be friends because men are too sexual (myth 1), women need to dress appropriately so as not to provoke men, because they are sexual beings and can’t help themselves (myth 2) and even tragic, that domestic violence and abuse toward women is largely tolerated and goes unpunished because of the very roles men play in society giving them a way out (myth 3).

Wouldn’t it be great if more men, as well as women, stood up for change and recognized that these roles are unacceptable?

Can’t we all see how degrading images of women in the media and advertising are only leading us to dangerous places? Can we all see that sexual objectification is not fun, it’s not a game, nor is it about popularity. It does nothing to advance us as females, and doesn’t give you any power.

Thank you Laci for being a rad human being and talking about this important message to all your fans.

6 thoughts on “Youtube Star Laci Green Slams Sexual Objectification Of Women In The Media

  1. “Unlike the many young girls out there who try to gain social media following by stripping off and objectifying themselves,”

    That comment is demonstrative of a shaming attitude towards women who express their sexuality in public or behave in a sexual manner.

  2. All the while there is another video with this very audio playing while the entire video itself shows a number of advertisements and images of men meant to look very sexual, alluring, etc… in order to sell a product. It is titled something like “Laci Green’s BS”.

    At this point, our society being what it is (a mish-mash of all these various social causes)…it seems like a lot of people are simply tired of it all and aren’t paying much attention anymore. It seems like a lot of social progress is being made (and progress is definitely happening)…but these various causes invest FAR too much energy in worrying about what Hollywood, TV, and celebrities in general are doing.

    I didn’t think it needed to be said, but apparently it does: celebs don’t live in the same world as us “normal” folks. They don’t have the same troubles, they don’t have the same limitations or restrictions, and they surely don’t represent the average kid, teenager, young adult, and so on. They’re people just like us, sure…but their lot in life has placed them outside the bounds of what you or I experience/don’t experience.

    I have never understand why all these social activists look towards celebrities as their heroes or teachers. We are an entertainment driven culture but is that truly the best way to bring about change? That is essentially just cutting a limb off the tree while it remains standing with no change otherwise. These feminists argue that person X, Y, or Z is a good role model, bad role model, that people use gender A or B in this or that way, and that we all need to see better things when we turn on the TV.

    How about turning off the f*cking TV and understand our ENTIRE society? How about finding strength or admiration in more reasonable people (that you can relate to and trust FAR more than a celeb)? How about understanding that America is (haphazardly) built to be a laissez-faire “type” of society? For example, a friend of mine comes from Colombia, where there is a far more defined and rigid order to society. There are roles, clear and shared customs/traditions/etc., and so on. The perk of this is that there is a clear outline to strive for, because it is instilled in most, if not all, people there. The downside? It’s obviously not too enjoyable if you don’t find the social “norm” to your liking and want to live outside its influence.

    Now consider America: we DON’T have a shared social order overall. We don’t all have shared customs and traditions. We don’t all speak the same language. We don’t all HAVE to believe in the same things or behave in the same ways. It is an unwritten (and often neglected/ignored) ‘rule’ that we may live with whatever standard of behavior we choose within legality. We may choose our own subculture to identify with and be part of. We aren’t required to live in ways that we don’t want.

    Contrary to popular assumptions, the world cannot make you hate yourself. It can sure provide plenty of influences and distractions to do so. But in the end, you are not a victim of society but rather a victim of your own social fears and misunderstandings. So then young people (especially young girls, considering the topic of this particular page) go on Youtube, Tumblr, or whatever other website, see people like this Laci Green doing nothing more than teaching this more misunderstandings, and nobody is any better off but we sure do have plenty more conflict.

    The most admirable feminists I’ve met were either ones who didn’t feel the need to attach the label of feminist on themselves like a name tag, ones who were “live and let live”- advocating for people to CHOOSE what they believe/act, or both. They argued that modern feminists are speeding down the lane towards nothing much more than navel gazing these days, constantly trying to find the next offense to cause an outrage over. That, or they’re simply trying to replace one standard of behavior for another (i.e. Women — USED to be expected to do this, but now we think they should do that instead). This is precisely what feminists say they’re fighting against, is it not? So where’s the choice for girls and women? I’m not saying society doesn’t have issues. But with how these social activists proceed, they’re only building a house on already shaky foundations.

    So tying all of this back to what I originally started off with: these activists have an agenda just the same as these media moguls and marketing directors. They have pre-decided what it is they want to believe and think They’re so adamant about their cause that with time, many will eventually discredit their own cause or belief. I just can’t get behind them when they indirectly and indiscriminately encourage the “if you don’t agree with me or the popularly held opinion, you’re just a “.

    The only black and white rule to society is this: VERY FEW things are plainly black and white. The world is an ocean of cause and effect, of perspective and varying experiences, and of many different people all trying to live in the same place.

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