8 Simple Tips To Guide You During Fishing Trips in Dubai

It is vacation time and you have decided to tour a country or a city that has some coastal region; simply because you love sports fishing or just that cool breeze in the midst of the sea. A great destination to fulfill your passion are the great city in the desert kingdom commonly known as Dubai. You just made a great choice as the thrilling features and sceneries in Dubai will definitely make you relax and thrill you as it unwinds those days of working in an office.

Besides the beautiful architectural designs in the city, a fishing trip in Dubai can offer a memorable experience like no other. For the adventurous traveler, you can indulge in deep ocean fishing where there is the potential to catch some large fish. Although many visitors usually focus on dinner cruises within this region, going on a fishing can offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are various companies that usually offer fishing tour services in Dubai and there are some important tips for your fishing trip in dubai to keep you on the safe side. Here are some of those tips:

#Tip 1: Have a good fishing equipment
If you want to enjoy your fishing trip to the best extent, you need some great equipment. Just like in racing, you need the best car to enjoy the race, so it it with fishing. You don’t need to worry about purchasing your own gear because there are many companies in Dubai who rent out their equipment for daily rates.

#Tip 2: Check the weather forecast
Although Dubai is known to have great fishing weather throughout the year, an unexpected situation may happen like sudden rain and strong wind. If this happens to you in the middle of your fishing tour in the ocean, it may not be ideal or enjoyable. Plan your trips on sunny days and look at the forecast ahead of time so you don’t get caught out.

#Tip 3: Always respect the sea
It can be easy to forget that the sea is one of the most important natural environments on earth, and we are in charge of taking care of it. Most of the cruises used in fishing usually have inbuilt washrooms as well as trashcans where you can dispose of your waste. Everyone should do their part to minimize waste, and checking in with boat staff will keep you on track.

#Tip 4: Don’t injure the fish
Most companies will tell you to only catch the number of fish that you can eat. This means you don’t have to over-fish to show your prowess. In many places it has become an acceptable norm, and even the trend to throw the fish back into the water after successfully reeling it in.

#Tip 5: Control your excitement
It can be a very exciting experience to sail in a vast water body but it becomes even more exciting when you make your first catch. Try to control any major outburst when you make a big catch. This may distract the fish and the other fishermen. The fish don’t like noise and it can scare them off.

#Tip 6: Dress appropriately
Dress code in Dubai is considered very crucial having in mind that this is a Muslim territory. You should not dress in an enticing or seductive way, and this is especially important for women. Dressing modestly in your casuals is preferred in this culture.

#Tip 7: Know the fishing spots
You don’t just throw your fishing gear anywhere out in the sea. Getting to the right spots where you can throw your line  is easy with the direction of the local fishermen in your boat. Most of the fishing boats have SONAR which helps in finding fish and to direct you where there is plenty of catch.

#Tip 8: Always remain calm and patient
As you may know fishing requires a lot of patience and waiting before a fish comes to your hook. Speed is no the key here, as it takes time to get the right bite. Reel the line back when a fish finally bites.

With the above tips, you are ready to go for your fishing trip to Dubai. Most crews are very friendly so you will have a great time on your expedition. Be sure to play by the rules and tips stated above to avoid any mishaps. You will enjoy the sailing adventure in the world-class, lucrative fishing boats, the best that Dubai has to offer.


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