Best Tips For Colored Contact Lenses With An Online Prescription

A growing need to nurture and engage in self-care is becoming increasingly popular with people the world over, as is wellness. Many enjoy changing their look with each outfit or when the seasons change to uplift their body, mind, and spirit. Not everyone is interested in the invasive techniques that cosmetically alter the appearance.  There are countless ways you can do this without the need for surgical intervention, from a new haircut, whitening or straightening your teeth, skin improvements, or fashion updates. But one innovative way to express a unique identity is with eye color.

For people who need the assistance of contacts in order to be able to see, choosing prescription colored contact lenses of any shade allows you to change up your appearance a little. 

These typically come with a much higher price point than the standard version, but wearers seem to prefer this option much more than the regular variety because of the added benefits provided with the lenses. The only requirement is to speak with the eye doctor to obtain your prescription and measurements for the appropriate fit for your pair.

Tips for Online Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

It’s vital to become informed when you’re considering options of colored contact lenses. While the choice of color over clear is purely a cosmetic preference, the lenses are a necessity for vision. 

Your optometrist will need to perform an exam to get an up-to-date prescription and measurements for the right fit. There is an abundance of options on the market. Your medical provider can assist in finding the quality brands that you can trust with the highest standard in products allowing you to make the most informed decision. Learn about prescription colored lenses at -updates/colored-and-decorative-contact-lenses-prescription-must.

  • Tint: The tint is a choice that your doctor will help you with. In the United States, contact lenses deem medical devices, so the provider will be looking at these in a professional capacity instead of fun and entertainment or cosmetically. Vision and comfortability are primary.

There are a few choices you will be able to choose from, including opaque, enhancement, and visibility. For overall visibility, you will see either a blue or green tone over the lens meant to aid with the application. The color is relatively faint, not distracting from your natural shade. 

Enhancement does simply that. It will make the natural shade of your eyes much more prominent, stand out, so it’s noticeable. This is excellent for those with a lighter color of eyes because it adds a certain intensity.

An opaque lens will change your eye to a different color and is the best option for people with dark eye color. It’s in no way invisible or translucent, but very much solid with a center that is clear so that you can see.

  • Size Choices Vary: As with the standard contacts, the colored variety comes in a range of sizes. The one you choose is vital to the comfort you experience and your overall eye health. That’s why seeing an eye doctor for proper fitting is critical. If your lens is loose, it can fall out, but a tight lens could scratch the eye, but with a colored piece, if it changes locations on the iris, it will result in an awkward appearance. Of considerable thought is the need to maintain good vision, and if the pupil changes size, it might affect that. Poorly fitting lenses will change the pupil’s exposure to light and how you see things.

Something to remember is that colored varieties tend to run thicker than standard pairs. It might take a little time to adjust to the added dimension. You’ll want to consider that when thinking about these as your option.

  • Safe And Protected: There is a lot of concern about colored contacts being safe and the risk for infection being high with these options, along with other types of eye injuries. As long as you invest in an exam from a trusted professional, you will be safe. The devices are the same as a standard pair of clear contacts, except they offer a color with added dimension.

They come with your prescription and the fitted size as given by your provider. They should be cared for and treated as you would any other assistive device that you use for self-care. If you want the colored variety only for special occasions, speak to your provider about disposable options.

  • Care / Maintenance: These contacts need to be cleansed and disinfected as you would any type of lenses in order to maintain good eye health. You should wash your hands before you handle your lenses and don’t use tap or bottled water when cleaning because there is a high potential for bacteria.

The eye doctor will advise the lifespan of lenses and will schedule regular follow-up exams. Still, you must contact the provider if you’re feeling any discomfort or irritation after wearing a pair for any length of time.

Most people choose colors because they want a cosmetic change. The vision correction is usually a secondary consideration. There are plenty of options for cosmetics, and your eye doctor can help you in finding a trusted brand to fit your needs. Make sure you will be able to see at the optimum capacity through the devices, and that the fit is comfortable and just right.

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