FEMINIST FRIDAY: Film ‘Dead Women Walking’ A Devastating Look At Women On Death Row

Welcome to another Feminist Friday, our weekly column where we share a handful of our favorite videos of the moment that fall under our definition of feminist content. Most of the time we pick a theme, and other days, like today, we have a mixed bag of treats that we’re excited to share with you.

First up is the trailer to a new feature film called ‘Dead Women Walking’, from streaming app content creator Blackpills which is making some super compelling and timely films and series related to social justice issues. From Israeli director Hagar Ben Asher, this film is a series of 9 vignettes portraying the devastating and emotional stories of women on death row.

Danielle Burgos from Bustle writes, “These humanizing portraits portray the pain and emotional toll state-sanctioned murder takes on not only the prisoners, but their families, the victims’ families, and the guards and employees surrounding them.”

The director spoke to FF2 Media’s Lesley Coffin about her work explaining what drew her to this issue, and why showing a nuanced, human perspective about the realities of the US prison system is an imperative.

“Almost 90 percent of women in prisons are victims of harsh abuse and violence. Women are the highest growing population in prisons in the U.S…the legal system and the social system did not manage to cultivate them, understand them, or forgive them, but perhaps filmmaking might be able to expand the discussion, and make a difference” she said.

Bustle also shares that 60 percent of women are imprisoned for nonviolent drug charges, and 80 percent of girls in juvenile centers have a mental illness, showing just how complex and fraught with intersectional layers the issue of incarceration is. Watch the trailer below, and download the Blackpills app on iOS and Android to see the film.

As children we learn our ABCs, but as adults, we are now re-learning the significance of the alphabet thanks to this badass Feminist Letters video and campaign which is attaching an empowering definition and political significance to every letter. “W” is for Women in Power, and “T” is for Taking Control of Your Body, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

On The Feminist Letters website, the campaign states their clear mission of creating a fun and unique way for feminists to share their message with those who need a refresher about the importance of women’s rights.

“The Feminist Letters is a typeface created to amplify the message advocating for gender equality. Each letter and number is specifically designed with purpose, calling attention to issues like equal pay, reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws,” says the description.

As you will see in the video below, there are people in the public arena who think women’s shouldn’t vote or get to decide what women do with their bodies. It’s scary that these regressive ideas are still being touted in 2018, and we can’t sit idly by and watch our rights get stripped away. “E” is for Elections, and “V” is for Voting, something we as feminists must always participate in if we hope to continue progress.

We absolutely love this message and the clever way the campaign is using something so everyday such as letters to amplify the message about gender equality. Check out the video below, and get typing with your new fave feminist font!

Our final video this week is a new, refreshing take on a typical advertisement for bras. In fact, if you weren’t told what type of product the following video was promoting, we bet underwear would be the last thing you guess…and that’s why we love it!

It’s clear this was produced from a female gaze, showing the normal situations women find themselves in every day. Whether it’s packing the grocery shopping in the car, walking down the street with friends, or completing an obstacle course for a fitness competition, we don’t need to be sold unrealistic messages about constantly having to be “sexy”, especially from the male gaze.

Bras are a functional and oftentimes necessary part of what we wear, and we can do without the patronizing messages. Triumph Australia’s ‘Together We Triumph’ video is all about women having each other’s backs, taking back our narratives around how we talk about our bodies, and celebrating being female. It’s always good to end on an empowering note, and Triumph’s video does this in abundance!




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