Julie Taymor, Director Of The Biggest Selling Piece Of Entertainment In History


When you talk about female directors, the mood isn’t exactly jubilant. In the US, it has been reported that only 14% of Broadway shows between 2012-2013 were directed by women. In the UK, currently only 29% of West End theater shows are directed by women. In the film world, it is even worse.

One study showed between 2009-2013, less than 5% of major motion films were directed by women, and in the same period, women make up only 10% of directors in the indie film world. What is missing here? Oh you know, the fact that it’s 2014 and studios and companies need to get out of their restrictive mindsets and open their eyes to the talented women directors in the world.

But one news story has recently given us a ray of hope, that women are indeed making great strides and are showing entertainment industry peeps they have what it takes to make something uber successful.

The Associated Press just released a statement saying The Lion King has become the most successful show of all time. And we’re not just talking about successful musicals, either. With over 75 million viewers, $6.2 BILLION in box office sales over the past 17 years, The Lion King has now achieved the most successful box office total of any work in any media in entertainment history!


It has beat out The Phantom of the Opera, and is more valuable than any single Harry Potter film, the blockbuster “Titanic,” or any of the “Star Wars” movies. By way of comparison, the highest-grossing film in history is “Avatar,” with nearly $2.8 billion worldwide.

While AP focused on the show’s clever marketing strategies and put it down to numbers, Women and Hollywood got down to the source of the show’s success, it’s female director.

Julie Taymor is her name, and she has now become the director of the world’s most successful piece of entertainment in history. Yes!

She was the woman responsible for turning the loveable baboon character Rafiki into a woman, and is one of the most entertaining aspects of the show.


The Lion King has surpassed Phantom as the longest running show on Broadway. Julie ain’t about to rest on the laurels of her success, she’s got more directing to do!

Her next project will be directing a film version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ based on the theater version which she also directed. While some have criticized her decisions in turning well-loved and iconic stories and filtering them through her unique vision, the proof is in the pudding and the numbers of butts on seats.

To all the women out there who are fighting for a seat at the table and fighting for recognition in the entertainment industry, don’t give up. Let this news be encouragement to you to keep going despite the odds, don’t compromise your decisions and keep making great art.


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