‘Living Different’ Series Feat. Women Who Are Breaking Down Society’s Norms


Move over ‘Bad Girls Club’, because a new series is set to give the Oxygen network a more female empowered reputation! ‘Living Different’ which will screen early January 2015 is a four-part mini-series showcasing the lives of nine women who are living outside society’s expectations and pushing the boundaries.

Similar to what the feminist movement did in the 1960s, where they challenged the expected norms from women, this series examines how labels and categories are not something you generally identify with freedom.

We are introduced to androgynous model Rain who dates both men and women, Kristi, a professional MMA fighter, Alexis, a professional women’s tackle football player and makeup artist by day, Hannah, a Muslim convert and Los Angeles transplant, who is also a real estate agent out to prove to her boss that her religion, including praying five times a day and wearing a traditional black abaya, will not get in the way of the agency’s sales, Melissa who left a lucrative job as a top makeup artist for a leading makeup manufacturer to pursue her real calling as a Psychic Medium, and Dalia and Perl, founding members of the all-girl Hasidic rock band, Bulletproof Stockings, whose conservative religious life will only allow them to play for all female audiences.

There are a few others in the mix, also, but this list gives you an idea of what you will see in the series, women who aren’t afraid to be themselves, be different and stand up for what they believe in.

“‘Living Different’ showcases nine strong and inspiring young women who are out to change the world by simply being themselves,” Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media, said in a statement. “These women will empower viewers as they live the truth of who and what they are, despite the questioning and obstacles from the world around them.”

The Huffington Post spoke to a handful of the women featured in the series to get a first-hand perspective of why a show like this, amidst a sea of so much junk on TV, is important.


“The series is a rare case of reality television that is aimed at inspiration and exploring uniqueness without aiming to mock or demonize individuals. As a woman who is a bit of an oddity herself, I saw an opportunity to contribute my own unique story to the world in a way where people can perhaps feel connected and inspired to live their truths,” said model Rain.

“What I really want viewers to take away is the realization that they are limitless. I want them to know that their gender specifications are purely based on anatomical evaluations and should not restrict what they are capable of achieving, how they are capable of living and who they are capable of loving.”

“I loved the concept of creating a show targeted at empowered young women taking risks every day simply by being authentically themselves and being able to be a part of such a show sharing my story and giving light to my work was a dream come true,” said psychic medium Kiki.

Both Dalia and Perl from Bulletproof Stockings say they relished the opportunity to share their personal journeys with women of a different cultural background on a larger scale.

“We’re hoping that seeing two Chasidic women, one a divorcee, the other a widow and mother of 4 children, using their talents to bring light into the world, will inspire other women to channel their own strengths to do what they love,” they said.

They told The Daily Beast in September, after their story went viral, that although they only want to perform in front of girls and that it can seem restrictive, they see it as an opportunity to empower women, both musically and socially.

“It’s a society where men have more stages to express themselves. We’re doing what we’re doing to open up the space without worrying about how it compares to men or how we affect men. The world is still technically male-dominated, so it’s one space for two hours for women to have their own fun,” said Dalia.

If any of these women’s statements or stories resonate with you on any level, we highly encourage you to watch the series come January 2015. To watch the trailer for the exciting new series, click here.



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