Meet The Educator Working To Dismantle Infertility Stigma Among Black Women

Fertility Expert Tamara Smith

Infertility is somewhat of a taboo topic in the black community and infertility services have long focused on white overwhelmingly on white women. Studies suggest that Black women may be twice as likely as white women to have fertility problems but are far less likely to seek or receive infertility treatment.

So what’s the alternative? Enter Tamara Smith. She is a Fertility Juju Educator who provides readings and fertility rituals to black women who are struggling with infertility. She has amassed a following of over 32K women on Tik Tok who rave about her products and services and finally are able to conceive after working with her.

Tamara’s methods may be considered alternative to the mainstream medical system, but given the historical discrimination Black women in particular have faced in the American medical system throughout history, it makes sense that we see leaders and experts rise up to create programs and tools that seek to serve their communities, not exploit them.

And with a growing client list that boasts about the success they are seeing in growing their desired families, women who are grateful for the way Tamara reaffirms them a individuals with needs and not just a number in a system, it’s clear she has created something special.

At a time when women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive rights are under attack on multiple levels, where women of color are being disproportionately harmed, we felt it was important to highlight the work of Tamara Smith as she builds hope, supports women’s dreams, and educates her community about fertility.

Here’s what Tamara told us about her own journey through infertility and how it became the catalyst for starting her business, which heavily incorporates spiritual practices.

How did your fertility educator journey begin, and what made you want to work in this area?

During my own journey with fertility, I struggled with birth control while trying to prevent pregnancy. But as we all know, these synthetic hormones come with bags of side effects that strip from us more than they give to us. I was in pain, had mood swings, had terrible bloating, and felt less like myself. I knew there had to be a better way. When your body is trying to tell you something, girl, it’s best to listen.

That’s when my spiritual journey began. I have always been magickal and started to add a lil juju to my practices and women were getting pregnant and connecting with their spirit babies. I have always had the gift of seeing spirit babies or having a knowing, but this time…women came to me for readings and workshops to understand blockages, tap into their magick and begin to heal.

I could no longer resist the call of my ancestors, my Spirit Guides, and the wisdom of the divine feminine intuition. I started to learn more about energy healing, fertility juju, and how to connect with my own body’s natural rhythms. I ditched birth control and started to work with my cycle instead of against it. This allowed me to access the wisdom of my body and get off of the synthetic hormones that were wreaking havoc on my body. I was able to tap into my power, my fertility juju!

How do your clients typically find you, and what is the type of story you commonly hear from them? 

Women in their 30’s and 40’s, who are looking for alternative ways to conceive typically find me on Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram. These are women who have been disappointed in what the doctor has diagnosed them with and are looking to learn how to spiritually tap into their juju (power) to connect with their babies to make it easier to conceive and heal. I also have a website

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Why do you think there are so many women fed up with traditional medical settings and who are looking to educators and specialists like you?

I believe it’s a call from our ancestors and higher self to connect universally. We are getting back to our cultures of being herbalists and healers of different modalities. We are tired of the ways of those who have been the reason for many imbalances in the world.  So the Creator aka God directs us to these teachers through various means such as in person, word of mouth, or social media. When the student is ready…the teacher will appear and boom here I am.

Infertility is such a complex topic, and is also very taboo in the Black community. Why is it this way? 

Black folks have always been categorized as fertile and having many kids. It all dates back to slavery. I think we are also stereotyped as hyper-sexual beings so why wouldn’t we be fertile as well? To add to that, many black women and men in our modern world have disconnected from their bodies. They don’t know how to listen to their intuition or what their body is trying to tell them. They have lost touch with their natural rhythms as well as their connection to spirit, the divine feminine/masculine, our ancestors, and the wisdom of our bodies to create.

There is a long history of systemic racism in the American medical system. Does this play a role in how Black Women seek out fertility treatments, which are typically geared toward white women? 

It absolutely does! We are seeing over and over that the medical systems, the majority of the time, have failed us by not listening, limited training, and biases. The statistics don’t lie! It also goes back to the taboo and tries to treat it holistically as well.

Fertility Expert Tamara Smith

How are you working to address infertility stigma with your predominantly Black clients? 

My clients, aka juju mamas, reviews and testimonies are inspiring other women to use their spiritual beliefs, herbs, and other holistic practices to find the imbalance and work through them by connecting with other women and/or practitioners with a track record of successfully helping women in many ways.

Can you tell us what clients can expect in a fertility reading and ritual? 

In my fertility readings, my clients can expect messages from their ancestors, spirit babies, and guides to come through. They sometimes reveal blockages and certain rituals that can assist them on their journey. They also receive the gender and season of conception or birth.

My fertility rituals are a little different. I tell my juju mamas to do what works for them. We all have our own magick and I want them to be comfortable and confident in working their own juju. Many of my Juju Mamas have gotten pregnant after the ritual, cysts removed, periods returning, increased baby synchronicities, and even relationships are restored! I do my part separately by gathering my juju mama’s name and working my fertility altar. I do not disclose my own juju for spiritual reasons.

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You have also built up a huge following on TikTok with your insightful videos. Why do you think Social Media has become such a powerful way of sharing empowering information? 

For that, I am thankful. It gives us a voice and allows us to align with those who can be beneficial to our journey. It can also provide a safe place and solutions to things that we never considered before.

What kind of advice do you give you clients to take back their power and be more in control of their pregnant journey?

Trust yourself, trust your juju! Understand that this is spiritual and we have to unlearn and remove blockages in our mind, body, and spirit. This is a journey. This isn’t just about me. It’s about us, as women. It’s about remembering our power and our connection to the divine. When we remember our juju, we can birth our spirit babies into the world.

If someone who has been struggling with their fertility is reading this and wants to reach out, where can they find more information? 

They can go to the contact me section of my website at or send me an email at